Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baby products - first 6 months

The first 6 months of your first baby only come once. Here's a summary for anyone interested.

Gear. We love mam bottles, mam pacifiers (yes I have a breastfed baby that uses pacifiers without the world coming to an end, even when she was just a few weeks old), the boogin head pacifier clip (others have huge adult finger pinching clips), the mamaroo (a lifesaver when she was a newborn), sophie the giraffe, cheap IKEA baby mat & mobile. We love them all.

I found that having baby in long sleeve onsies and footed pants is the absolutely easiest clothing choice I could make. I had a September baby so she was tiny during the cold months. Now that she's a little older baby and it's spring I can finally feel comfortable not putting her in many layers. I highly recommend any sleeper sack with velcro, and pj's with zippers (not snaps!), and bibs with snaps not velcro. Velcro sticks to everything in the wash and is a huge hassle. Not all babies are huge droolers but mine was big time from about 2-5 months. We go through a lot of bibs. Now that she eats food we use the bigger bibs with plastic backing.

For cloth diapers we went with BumGenius Freetime. I absolutely love them. Highly. Highly recommend them. We didn't spring for the organic versions (elementals). They were $5 more each and heard they have drying time issues. I got a kitchen trash can with flip lid and bought 2 of the planet wise liners and they work amazing. Don't bother with the wet bags, go straight for the can liners. 

When not cloth diapering (travel, daycare etc) I usually buy whatever's on sale, but as a tiny newborn I loved pampers swaddlers. Yes I tried many of the organic/natural versions but ultimately came back to the swaddlers since they worked the best. Also their wet strip worked the best. Other brands have wet indicator strips but they seemed to only work so-so.

We got Ashby a play mat from IKEA as her Christmas gift when she was 3 months. She loved it even though it as the most random toys you could combine. It has a sun, and a cloud (okay... weather themed), then a goose (what?!), and finally on top attached by velcro is a cat. Totally. Random. But she loved it. Her favorite was the cloud. It was so much cheaper than the fancy models of this at Target so everyone in the household was happy. We also grabbed the $5 IKEA mobile for over her changing table. It was awesome to hang it there! Bug theme sorta went with our nursery theme so again... happy mom.

Those swaddle blankets. I may be the only mom on the internet but seriously one aden & anais blanket is plenty. We really didn't use ours very much. We ended up with 5 and that was excessive. I have some that are still barely touched. We used the velcro swaddle blankets for night time and used warmer blankets over her body while in the car seat (again September baby). They are nice so I wouldn't say pass on them, but a 4 pack may be too much. I'm not sure they come in one packs however.

Hope that's all!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ashby eats food

Now that our kiddo is a whopping 7 months old I thought I'd do a post on her food. We waited until about 6 months before starting food with Ashby. She's been exclusively breastfed and loving it. I read the Baby Led Weaning book and was excited to follow that with Ashby. It directed to wait until 6 months or later when baby show signs of readiness.

We sat Ashby in high chair a little before 6 months. We handed her a banana and she knew exactly what to do. Sniff. Look at it. Check it out. Lick it. Attempt to eat it. That a girl!!

We skipped all cereal and went straight to fruits and veggies mostly but other things too.

baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning

Even though strict baby led weaning says no purees, only solid food, we found that Ashby does love a good puree or soft food IF she gets to do it herself, which is sort of blw style. She loves feeding herself with her baby spoon. In fact she will not let me feed her. Absolutely not. If I try and put some food on a spoon in her mouth - she all of a sudden thinks its gross, will act startled, and make a face, probably pushing the food out of her mouth.

baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning

We bought her this highchair/booster seat. It attaches to one of our regular dining room chairs and works great. I love that it's easy to clean with very limited nooks and crannies for gross food to get into. It has a dishwasher safe tray and we've taken it out of town while travelling. It packs up pretty small; you can carry it over your shoulder even.

 baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning

Ashby loved this berry/carrot mix. It was given to us a gift and in one of those squeeze pouches. She's definitely not old enough for those but she loved the flavor. Our method is for me to dip the spoon in the pureed food and then hand it to her. She takes over and licks the food off, followed by dropping the spoon on the floor as to signal "more"! I'm trying to teach her the sign language for more, it's hard to tell this young if it's working.

I want to maybe buy these 'spoons' I read about online that are specifically made for kids to learn how to feed themselves with a spoon by dipping it into food. I think she'd do well with them. I did buy her a special bib - BabyBjorn Bib but she's too small for it currently. She'll need a little growing before it can fit on her and in the high chair. That should have been in the reviews but oh well.

baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning  baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning

She wasn't a huge fan of broccoli. It was fun to mush up in her hands but not to eat. She didn't mind the carrots. Teeth will help even though these were steamed. I seasoned them nice but we'll try again another day.

She has in true baby led weaning fashion had some gagging episodes. Some barf worthy even, but I'm not really worried since I know its what suppose to be happening and she's still safe. We always watch her closely while eating of course. She's getting better about knowing what to do with food in the back of her mouth in the last couple weeks. She is managing to even swallow some real food sometimes now.

baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning
Here she is 'eating' asparagus. She liked it.

baby lead weaning, blw, baby weaning, food, baby, baby food, babyledweaning
She loves Starbucks too!
Just kidding!

Other foods she has shown an interest in:

  • pickles
  • naan bread with curry sauce
  • Indian curry potatoes
  • avocado
  • banana
  • pureed mangoes
  • red lentil soup - the broth
  • peanut butter
  • pesto chicken - basically just sucking off the pesto
  • plain yogurt
  • hummus 
  • zucchini
  • tomato sauce
  • toast
  • waffle
  • hard boiled egg yolk (gross!)
The only foods Ashby hasn't loved so far are sweet potatoes and broccoli. Most everything else we've given her she's enjoyed - including lime (weird baby!).

Overall its very early but so far  but she really enjoys food. Hope we've got a little foodie on our hands!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

6 month baby update

6 month update. Wow life is flying by. 6 months really does go fast! One minute your googling 'possible labor signs' the next your wiping up baby food off the walls. 

Ashby is now a 6 month baby. That happened. She's growing and thriving. She's still nursing exclusively and has just started solid foods. We're doing baby led weaning so she gets to enjoy her independence by not having us spoon feed her. She loves feeding herself with the spoon anyway. You could not get that thing into her mouth yourself if you tried. I'll pre-load the spoon with something soft and then I hand it to her. Mostly she makes it to her mouth anyway. Lots of mess but it's worth it. I'm going to try to feed her lots of organic food; of course. Homemade mostly but not be to fussy about anything, which is basically how I try to live my life anyway. Not too fussed about anything. No. Drama.

Ashby likes: 
Her bouncy seat
Singing baby songs
TV, mom or dad's iPhone or any screen basically
The kitty
Feeding herself
The tags on toys

She dislikes:
Getting her nose wiped
Being spoon fed
Sweet potatoes
Sleeping in mom & dads bed
lying still while being changed

We are still living in our current rental house. Our new house is being built. It's almost done - I think. I am so excited to move. Well not so much for the actual moving part, but to have our house finally. We've gone and checked on the building process a few times in the last month or so and it's looking so good! I can't wait for all the finishing stuff like trim, paint and blinds. Closing and moving should be in a little over a month. Buying your first home is obviously nervous but we are ready.

Once we move I am very excited about organizing and decorating. We'll be waiting a little bit of time to buy new furniture but someday soon we'll put new couches, rugs, beds, chairs etc in this place! Here are some update photos of the new house.

Look at this pretty kitchen! I'm so super glad with our choices we made. I love the cabinets, the colors, the lights and counter tops. The floors underneath that paper look good too. The big appliances are sitting in the dining room in the bottom of the photo.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Big update!

So much is happening lately. I haven't been posting because of the whole working 40 hours a week and juggling an infant routine. Life has been great lately though. Ashby has been growing and thriving and Tony and I have been busy working and loving Ashby. One other big news... 

We're buying/building a house!!

As you can see its a brand new townhouse. We couldn't be more excited! The structure is built but the inside is unfinished. It's a spec home, one of the first in this townhome development. We chose one on the end with a great location. It only has neighbors on one side and to the back. The other side and front is all open with just lawn and trees. No roads or busy walkways or other houses to disturb us. We have great views - which is great since we have 4, yes four balconies! 3 balconies plus a roof top terrace! 

It's got 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It's very open concept in the main living floor with a big living room that includes surround sound and upgraded video package plus lots of room for Ashby's toys. (Good since we need it!) We have a bay window dining area next to the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen- it's huge! So many cabinets! So. Many! I can't wait! We have 3 bedrooms upstairs so we can be close to Ashby and a top floor terrace which is amazing. It's got a double car garage too. We have lots of closets and a master walk in closet which will rock since ours right now is like 22 inches wide. I kid not. 

Check out all the windows on our end unit!

We've been busy designing the inside with everything from the floors and cabinets to tile, faucets, and accessories. So. Much. Fun! 

Ashby is helping pick paint colors. 

The design process is excited since we truly get to pick our dream kitchen. We went all out on the kitchen upgrading everything! Nice hardwood floors, shaker style cabinets, dual colors with white and grey. We have upgraded cabinet hardware as well as upgrade appliances. We are getting Quartz countertops, under-cabinet lighting, upgraded spray faucet, a large built in pantry, and built in refrigerator. We have a huge island! Huge! It will easily be able to fit 3 bar stools. We also are getting custom wood blinds in most of the windows including the kitchen bay windows. 

We are buying from Eagle homes, and so far we are having a great experience. I would highly recommend them for people in our area. 

The time frame for building/finishing the house will be mid May. It is a little scary buying your first home but I cannot wait to close and move in this summer! 


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