Friday, October 17, 2014

Baby Ashby’s Woodland Nursery

Here is baby Ashby’s nursery reveal! Nothing cuter than nursery photos than nursery photos with a baby in them! Can you spot our little newborn?

As I wrote in my last update we reused my old childhood nursery furniture. More recently I hung black-out curtain liners behind our IKEA curtains and stuck cute woodland creature decals all over the room. Because why not!? We finalized all the decor such as frames finally making it on the walls and had to include functionality before she arrived – such as a trash can, swing, changing pad, diapers, baby monitor etc. Logistical things are important too and I personally think often left out of designer nursery photos. This is a real life nursery. Except I did clean up for these photos – no dirty laundry or random water bottles scattered over the room.

Ashby was a great model for these photos. Adorable and I hear she loves her room.

nursery, baby, woodland, ashby

 nursery, baby, woodland, ashby 

nursery, baby, woodland, ashby

nursery, baby, woodland, ashby

nursery, baby, woodland, ashby  

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Introducing Baby Ashby

Introducing our little baby girl Ashby! She arrived exactly 2 weeks ago on Monday night September 22nd. Our new family of 3 is doing well. We all are eating and sleeping mostly so it's a happy household with our precious newborn.

Here are some shots of her first photo-shoot that Tony did on day 3 of her life. 

Tony also produced this amazing video of the story of her birth. Don't worry no gory bits!

We are so in love with our little girl.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"So you're going to have a baby" 1933 style

One of the very best gifts I've received this pregnancy is a book handed down to me from my mom that was originally my father's mother's. I never met this grandmother of mine but since I'm the next female in that line of the family I get this awesome piece of history. I will say it is an awesome read. Hilarious and shocking! This was once a real advice book... in 1933. 

About 95% of what this book advises new mothers to be is totally bogus and not advisable anymore. It's awesomely funny to think that people really thought these things and believed them. I love it in a satirical way, the way you love Portlandia, or maybe The Onion. Perhaps a little surprising after reading some quotes here is that they got some things right, modern 2014 right. Some things with having babies... never change.

So You're Going to Have a Baby - Helen Washburn
Harcourt, Brace and Company - 1933

I've chosen some great quotes that maybe could answer these questions a new mother to be might have.

I'm pregnant, now what? >>
"The first thing to do once the baby is on the way is naturally to find a competent doctor." ... "One important thing to make sure of is that your doctor believes in anesthetics. It costs no more and will make more difference than you might believe. Some extremely good doctors do not believe in them and others, equally eminent, do."

On drinking and smoking while pregnant >>
"But your drinking and smoking habits have carried you fairly successfully to your present advanced age, and in normal case there is no reason why they should be altered. As to smoking, the usual reason given for cutting it out, or cutting it down, is that it makes your nervous. That is, of course, ridiculous." 

Budgeting for baby... >>
"In any case, furniture and baby clothes cost around $30 at least. You will have some kind of help after the baby is born, probably a practical nurse. The upkeep on a child for the first three or four years, as long as most people look ahead in these times, is three of four hundred dollars a year, just a shade less on the average than the benign. Uncle Sam allows in additional income tax exemption."

How to act when in labor >>
"The thing to have firmly fixed in your mind when you get to the hospital is that you are going to be a good girl. The doctors and nurses know a lot more than you do, and the way to get the most of of them is to do what you are told, no matter how impossible it may seem." ... "Nurses, on the surface a hard-boiled lot, are sentimental as nurse-maids underneath, and as anxious to be proud of their charges. A patient who won't even make an effort to cooperate is left pretty much to her own devices, with a callousness that is cruel. Whining people, nuisances in any situation, are frankly treated as such in hospitals."

How can I soothe my baby? >>
"Well, a baby is suppose to cry an hour a day. That exercises the lungs."

Should I drink alcohol while nursing my baby? >>
"This period should not be passed over without reference to the question of drinking while nursing. As with drink in every other circumstance, including drinking while pregnant, much high-binding nonsense  has been written on this subject by pulpit scientists. 
In the good old days nursing mothers were urged to drink all the malt drinks obtainable. There was no question raised of its being harmful. It was considered positively good. Beer helped to make milk."

What about bathing myself after having a baby? >>
"Until you have been pronounced sound by your doctor after the six-week interval, however, the shock of a cold bath or shower should not be risked."

Should I be concerned about my figure after having a baby? >>
"Immediately after a mother begins to get up and about after the birth of a child she should, for her own future looks, take to corsets, even if she has never stood for them before in her life."

Can I spoil my baby? >>
"The modern model home completely centered around the child is as bad for him as was the old Model T or 1900 home. There should be and there need be no sacrifice on the part of either parents or children, no fundamental sacrifice."

On material buying (it's true... some things ever change) >>
"Stores leave one - that is their business - with the impression that a new baby needs a vast array of appurtenances, most of which will be too small before half a year is out. In reality the needs are quite simple, especially if you are willing to leave fancy dress for the distant future and concentrate on what is necessary to keep the child clean an warm."

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend update September

Happy Monday! 

For one of our last weekends as a family of 2 we kept it laid back. The baby girl is due in 2 weeks so finally preparations on the nursery are finally pretty much complete - I must take final photos of the complete adorable room soon (maybe once she's here?). Nothing makes a nursery cuter, in my opinion, than a nursery with a baby in it (preferable sleeping baby). We went on a coffee date, ran errands, eat homemade pancakes, and got to hang out with my best college friend on Sunday. Great relaxing weekend overall. 

Tony (before coffee) and I at Southern Seasons. 

Displaying image.jpeg

They have a great coffee bar! Look at that latte art! The espresso was so so. I highly recommend the whole store including the coffee bar to any locals (or check out their store in Chapel Hill). For anyone who doesn't know Southern Seasons it's basically like William Sonoma meets whole foods. Yep, not a cheap thrill but fun to walk around, maybe try some samples and see neat food.

Displaying image.jpeg

Kelly and I at world of mirth. Such a fun store.

We also made some more food in the vitamix. Yummy homemade hummus and salsa (with homegrown tomatoes, peppers & basil!). 

Also, yep still pregnant, and huge.


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