Monday, December 13, 2010

Going Dairy Free

 Since we're on a temporary dairy free diet.  We decided to try out Silk Pure Almond Chocolate Milk.  (wanna try this for the first time? coupon here). 

This funny and holiday themed photo montage is my reaction to drinking the chocolate "milk" for the first time.  I'm thinking...

It tastes really good; just like real chocolate milk!  It's nice and thick with dark chocolate.  I've eaten it with cereal, drank it straight and would put it in coffee if I was pro coffee at the moment.  See this post for reasoning for coffee hiatus.  It's a sad day without coffee - but surprisingly we've found we have more energy without the brew.  Overall I think the non dairy milk is really great! 

want to "winterize" your photos with silly lights, antlers and red noses?  Picnik it up.  it's free.


  1. O i love this stuff... the bf and i are pretty lactose intolerant so almond and soy milk are our friends. love your blog. now following! xoxo jcd

  2. Thanks for sharing the coupon! I typically go with soy milk, but I like to buy almond milk once in a while, just to mix it up and try to avoid soy overload.


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