Thursday, December 30, 2010

How To: find a place to live

How To: find a place to live

step 1: find Trader Joe's on the map
step 2: use google to find home near TJ's. (more on this in future post)
step 3: live happily ever after.


Simple Right??  These are my 3 simple steps to finding a nice place to live.  Okay okay, well it could be more complicated than that.  But for us that's a starting place.  When you are moving 3 hours away to a new bigger city that you've barely ever travelled to you need a starting place.

Come August 2011 (or sooner) we'll be making the big move up to Richmond, VA (see page).  Since we've never lived there and only visited twice we need a lot of help in choosing a place to live.  We're taking advice, photos, road trips, interview trips (eventually), craigslist ads & general Internet-ting into consideration when making our decision on where to live.  Back to step 1: find the local Trader Joes.  Okay so there is ONE in the greater Richmond area (just ONE?? Gah).  Simple enough - this we can work with.  But it is located in the fancy shopping area/neighborhood of Short Pump.  Since I don't have a job there yet, we can only base our new (rented... did I mention rented?) home around T's grad school.  Short pump is a 20 minute commute to his school.  Not bad, but it seems forever on the map.

We may disregard our own advice - and seek shelter elsewhere.  Step 2 may be challenging to do without taking a look at alternate areas.  In Richmond there seems to be 10,000 neighborhoods and 'areas'.  We like The Fan, south Richmond, Bon Air (Where YHL lives), East Highland Park & Tuckahoe all seem nice.

I made this lovely map on Google Map.  Not a super fan of all things Google?  You should be.  You can make maps like this!  Anyway I've highlighted areas that we loved (green = go), thought were okay (yellow = slow down) and Hell to the NO (red = stop).  See how far TJ's (yellow grocery icon) is from the rest of the city?  That little red heart monitor logo represents T's new grad school. 

It's still too early to seriously look at places.  We won't be buying a place; just renting.  We'd like perhaps a small 2 bedroom house or a cool townhouse or even an apartment in the Fan or across the street from his school in the financial district downtown.  Someplace with less downstairs neighbors would be great (2 noise violations in 6 months here does seem a little ridiculous right?).  Must haves: washer/dryer, dishwasher, parking spaces and 2 bedrooms.  Other loves: nice new big kitchen, lots of storage (we have TONS of wedding presents), 2 bathrooms (totally unnecessary I know) and a porch (for stoop cat). 

stoop cat.  aka Cornelius

More on our progresses and stoop cat to come.  Stay tuned!


  1. Haha I LOVE your How To on finding a place to live! I really like TJ's, but unfortunately we don't have any in Spain. When I was picking out grad schools to apply to in the US I half-jokingly said that I wouldn't consider universities that didn't have a Trader Joe's nearby...we'll see where I end up in two-three months!

  2. OMG funny. my boyfriend and i LOVE tj's.... this christmas my mom gave him a gift card. holla. xoxo jcd

  3. hahaha i love this post.

    and i loveeee trader joes.


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