Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our First Holidays as Newlyweds

After the wedding dust has settled and you get your photos back along comes your first Christmas and holiday season and newlyweds.  Enter dilemma.  You now have 2 families who want to celebrate with their darling children and children-in-law.  No matter what the answer is 'Compromise'. 

T and I have a lot of things going on this holiday season in terms of family locations, our different schedules, PTO, budgets and more.  My family lives 6 hr drive away and his family lives 10+ hr drive away or a 1 layover $200 flight each.  And due to his hospital schedule he's forced to work Thanksgiving or Christmas.  This means we can't do Turkey day at one family and Xmas at the other family.  (The logical newlywed split I presume)  He had to work Thanksgiving this year including days that week - excluding travel to any family for that holiday.  Yep we celebrated alone - rather a potluck with friends after his shift ended at 7pm.

We did get to travel to see his family for a post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas break.  Thanks to Southwest we found flights for $30!  See this post for details (aka vegan adventure part 1).  That made it much easier to split this holiday season between our two families.  Also since I don't get PTO or leave, I can take off work whenever I want for leave-without-pay.  That does means I'll get a smaller paycheck but it's convenient since I don't need to have it approved or work around the office's schedule.

Now we'll each work this week and get to spend about two and a half days with my family in Virginia over the actual Christmas day.  Yayyy!!!!  It won't be easy since we'll drive the 6 hours after DH works a night shift and then come come Sunday.

sorry my hair looks like a rat's nest.
No matter where we spend the actual Chrismas day we've got our very own Christmas tree.  It's been up for weeks!  Our collection of ornaments is growing.  It now includes a mini replica of our wedding cake, lots of little owls, mini santas & lemur on the top as the star.

Had any newlywed holiday adventures?

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  1. I am not a newlywed (yet), but we have the same issue with splitting up Christmas eve/day between our families. Finally we have it down to Xmas eve with his fam and then day with mine, but it is all going to get so much more complicated when we move to Texas and all our family is in Florida!

    Hope that you enjoy your holiday. :) Very cute pic of you two- so glad you got your tree up nice and early!



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