Tuesday, December 7, 2010

vegan & coffee free

We had a really nice post Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas holiday at the Amato Household.  It was nice for a short break away from home and work.  There was less snow in Ohio than in North Carolina!!!  We played with the dogs, cooked food, ate vegan and relaxed. 

Wait what?  Vegan?  "YEP" (a la Pam from the office).  Yes we ate (semi) vegan as Tony's brother is a "The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell" convert.  Roasted veggies, vegan cookies and soy milk were yumm!  As nice as it was I'm not giving up cheese or (the occasional) meat.  Meat that is when we can afford it.  Also I'm not sure we could afford an all vegan diet - comfortably.  Sure 100% produce diet is fine but there's no way I can make it through the rest of my 60+ years of life without cheese or chocolate.  sorry.  I need my chocolate cheesecake yearly.

I am trying out a dairy and coffee free lifestyle for a week or 2.  Or however long I last.  I've been getting stomach aches and like symptoms and perhaps attribute it to the increased coffee since marriage or lactate intolerance due to ... age?  It's an experiment.  Will share soon.

the pups.
we played scrabble - I came in last :(

Amato's Pizza.  The best part!    The caprese salad. yumm!!

roasted "vegan" aka regular veggies. 

We went to German Village in Columbus and ate at Schmidts.  Notice NOT vegan.  German = beer, brats & cream puffs.

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  1. I had loads of stomach issues before going vegan, especially of the dairy-related variety. I can't remember the last time I had a stomachache in the near-three years I've been vegan. Hopefully your tummy feels better!

    (And just because I feel kind of creepy, having lurked your blog as a stranger... I found your blog on 20sb :])


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