Tuesday, December 14, 2010

William Sonoma - Message in a Cookie Review. Take 1

As a Christmas gift to myself and since I had some cash and we happened to be at William Sonoma, I bought their Message in a Cookie cookie cutters set.  This is my first attempt at using the set.  It was not a huge success, but a start.

First I started with half a roll of Pillsbury gingerbread dough.  

I placed letters in and cut the shapes.  I tried my best to scoop them up off the counter and lay flat on the baking sheet.  As you can see that was tricky.  Some of the letters got smushed.  Some cookies I think were rolled too thin.

  Before                                           After

some letters came out too faint.  I need to press the words firmer in the future.

Some cookies came out okay.  I even tried decorating!  I whipped up some quick cheap frosting that came out pink rather than red. 

  • Adorable cookies (on the box)
  • infinite ways to personalize for every occasion
  • I want to make them pretty!!!!
  • um. duh cookies are awesome!

Cons/Things to Perfect:
  • Letters come individually (as well as a few pre-made words like "happy") and are very small.  It'd be very easy to loose letters in the sink or somewhere.  Be careful when handling!
  • Letters are also difficult to slide into place.  don't pinch your fingers!
  • I haven't mastered the technique of cutting them properly and placing them on a cookie sheet.
  • If not done right - letters become too faint.
  • No numbers or punctuation symbols.  "&" would be awesome!  There are only 2 lines per cookie to "write" on.

Things to do different next time:
  • use different recipe (?).  Recipe's with low baking soda won't rise much so would be ideal for this.  Cookies that rise a lot - some sugar cookies - will just obscure the letters when baking. 
  • Use more flour
  • try making cookies thicker
  • try making cookies thinner
  • try cooking on lower rack - for some reason these came out the best
  • press letters imprints in harder.
  • don't overbake
  • chill dough.  Keep dough in fridge as long as possible and if it starts to get too gummy or thick add flour and/or put in fridge/freezer for a few minutes.

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  1. Those cookies are kinda making me hungry, haha.


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