Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's official  probable that I have a coffee intolerance.  Sad day.  I have come to the conclusion my stomach does not enjoy it as much as my taste buds do. 

My method: I faithfully abstained from coffee for one month.  I started to feel MUCH better!  No more stomach aches by the afternoon and surprisingly more energy.  So by month two I was interested to see what would happen if I drank coffee just once, "it'll be fiiinnnneee".  Boy was I wrong!  After a 6 oz coffee + 6 hrs I was not a happy Robin.   I had a couple more relapses (just to see) and had a cup while at work or an espresso at home.  These were not comfortable days.  I seem to get stomach pain very high up (not lower intestinal or anything) about 6 hours after drinking the delicious brew.  Is that weird?

Coffee with Milk.jpg
photo credit: tony

I've tried it black, with organic beans, with regular milk, soy milk, almond milk, that gross non-dairy-creamer we have at work, sugar, no sugar, other sweeteners and nothing makes a difference.  It's too bad since I just got some yummy new coffee syrups this past Christmas and adore lattes - especially made on our new espresso machine gifted at our wedding.  I'm coming to terms that coffee may not be in my future.  One day I suppose I could get medically allergy tested to see what comes up but up until now I've never seen the need as I'm not allergic/intolerant to anything.  I still love coffee flavored things (ice cream, cakes, desserts) and those are still a go; for now.

Ideas still to try (cling to): try caffeine free diet, low acid coffee, coffee alternatives, teeccino... learn to love tea?

le sigh... we'll see.  Bye coffee, I loved you.


  1. yecks! so weird. sounds like youre allergic :( i never got into coffee and i dont like anything remotely coffee flavored, but i need a little caffine in the afternoon so i drink one crystal light with caffine a day (it only comes in strawberry) but it does the trick. i want to get off the caffine eventually... but that might be a process. good luck with your coffee alternatives! xoxo jcd

  2. BUMMER! I would miss coffee terribly. I go to bed at night looking forward to waking up and having coffee, bahaha. I wish I knew a good substitute... lots of things have caffeine, but nothing as good as coffee. :(

  3. Oooh, that's rough! Maybe try to develop a taste for tea?? I'm not sure I could live without coffee :)

  4. Does it feel like heartburn? I had severe heartburn for a long time and the doctor kept telling me it was all the coffee/caffeine I was consuming. Turns out the doctor was wrong but maybe that is what you're experiencing when you drink it. Or an allergy?

    Sad, sad day. Maybe hot tea?

  5. It's all about the hot chocolate, baby!


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