Wednesday, January 19, 2011

how to find a place to live - pt. 2

Yes I've heard of online apartment search tools.  Yes we are moving and will need to find a place to live.  Yes I've used all of:,,,,,,,,,, and more!  Wanna know where you can search all these and more in ONE?  It's the Expedia of home hunting...

use Google Maps!

This is the Robin guide to find a place to live:

step 1: go to
step 2: click "Show search options" on the top right, then in the pull down box that appears to the left of it click "Real estate"
step 3: type the city you'd like to look at. press enter.
step 4: {don't be blinded by the large amount of red circles} enter some info like price, rent/buy/foreclosure, beds/baths. 
step 5: start clicking those red circles!  I recommend opening each link in a new tab

This is truly the best!  It searches from a million sites.  You can search for rental or for sale housing.  You can check out the prices of houses in certain neighborhoods - it searches real estate too yes!  {Nosy much?}  It also can do foreclosures!  It continually updates if you zoom in/out or change areas.  You can star items you like and look at street view of the neighborhood.  Of course all the standard things google maps does - search directions, search nearby for shops, bars, etc.  It is Google after all - don't be surprised it's this amazing! 

See part 1 of my house hunting guide.  Since we don't know much about Richmond any and all information is helpful.  This is just another way I research about our move without having to go with 10 zillion websites when I can just use one!

We're still 7+ months away from moving and still keeping our options open as far as location and type of abode.  We're renting so we have lots of options.  A townhouse would be cool since it may have lots of storage.  We have a lot of stuff - purging may begin in 6 months.  Someplace like that or a rental house that comes with the freedom to do P90X in our own living room (a freedom we've never had) would be ideal.  Although the allure of living in the 'big city' like in the Fan District does seem pretty cool too - although with some costs.  An apartment in a big complex is at the bottom of our list - it's what we're in now.  It's not bad and has many pros like being newer for less bucks, access to gym etc.

a townhouse, little house or an apartment a Fan house?
Check back soon for a pros/cons list!


edit: sorry folks this service no longer exists.  see this post for details.


  1. great tips! good luck on househunting. xoxo jcd

  2. Um, wow, can I just thank you for posting this? We're going to be moving in a few months to a completely new state (that I've only been to once), and this looks like it will be a huge help with finding a house to rent! I had no idea Google had searches for rentals, although I shouldn't be surprised, Google can do just about everything.

    Thanks again!

  3. love google maps :) hubby and i did the same thing you are doing to search for real estate when we were house hunting!

  4. Seeing as how I may be moving away for graduate school soon, this might be the handiest bit of info I've received in a very long time! How is this not a more popular method of house-hunting?

    P.S. You've gained me as a subscriber.
    P.P.S. There's a little award waiting for you back at my blog.

  5. Who knew! This is so cool. I wonder if this works internationally? I live in Australia.

  6. Back when we were buying our house I was a big fan trulia. Not sure if they have apartments as well, but for actually buying it was great!

  7. I want to hug you right now. We're moving in 7 months and I HATE going to all those different websites. This puts it all together and I can see the area on the map! /internet hug!

  8. OMG, I am totally going to waste the rest of the day on this. I bought a house two years ago and don't intend to move for a long long time, but I am so nosy, I'm seeing what other houses in the area are going for and what they look like!


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