Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's all white

Hand-me-downers unite!  After looking at my dresser for 2 years we finally decided to give it a make over.  This was my father's dresser when he was a bachelor.  Making this dresser waaayyyy old.  Since it was such a well make piece originally we decided that a fresh coat of paint would spruce it up!  It had lots of water damage, stains, crayon marks (from when we were tots) and other non desire ables.

I've read YHL's blog enough to easily find their furniture painting tutorial and go from there.  We sanded, used oil based primer and high gloss regular white paint off the shelf.  I'm not sure we exactly went with the recommended wait times... we sorta skipped that and re-did a 2nd coat once it was sorta dry.  We used both a foamy roller and a cheap brush to get the job done.

disregard all the mess - clothes, hair dryer, random medical sign
notice the before hardware
Another before shot.  lots of marks and stains but nice high quality wood!

me painting after priming - in the middle of our living room yes!
we added nice new handles and 2 coats of fresh white paint to match the existing drawers!
We chose new hardware to match the other dresser we have in our bedroom.  While the other dresser is a dark stained wood and now mine is white, I think they still 'go'.  Sorry for the lack of 'pretty' after shot.

This was my very first home improvement project!  And we didn't even need to own a home!  Also while we had the paint and equipment out, we decided to re-paint our coffee table too.  Dear husband had painted it brown a while back and it just wasn't doin' it for us.  See if you can find a before shot here.  Now it's white too!! 

What was your first home improvement project?


  1. OOO looks great! i esp love the new handles on the dresser. when h and i moved in together we spent about a month getting the apt ready. we painted almost every room (i know...ugh) and the front door. but it made a HUGE difference. xoxo jcd

  2. First of all, LOVE your blog! :)
    Second--awesome job on the dresser. Looks fabulous! I have a couple of old pieces of furniture in my apartment that desperately need a little sprucing up.


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