Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Year of Fancy Dining

For our first year of marriage Tony and I have treated ourselves to one fancy dinner date out each month for a whole year.  It's a celebration of our first year together as a family and a fun date night while getting to enjoy all the fancy restaurants the Triangle has to offer.  Also we can only afford once a month.  These nice places ain't cheap!

  • June.  Angus Barn.  Our honeymoon flight got delayed 12 hours so our very first night (not counting the wedding) as a real married couple we spent not in Puerto Rico, but at our apartment.  We decided to go out to the nicest, fanciest, closest restaurant.  Angus Barn.  It's actually way more classy than the word "barn" indicates.  We got free champagne and flute glasses to keep as well as a free cake!

  • July. Magnolia Grill.  Probably the best restaurant in the local area as agreed by many.  It's totally swanky with daily changing menus to reflect the local farms and chefs creations.  Very Amazing Food!  All great except this conversation to start our meal.

Robin: "I'd like to order a glass of a Riesling" (my fav.)

Server: "alright do you have an ID?"

Robin: awkward pause as T and I look at each other (are we really getting carded at the nicest restaurant withing 30 miles and we just told her we're newlyweds?) "um let me just look"...

I fake look in my purse knowing it's not there.  "I was just at the social security office this morning getting my name changed due to the marriage. (I emphasise marriage).  I don't appear to have it with me".  (Absolute truth)

Server: she gives me this 'I'm not budging grin'.

Robin: Completely embarrassed in front of all the swanky couples nearby who appear to be giving me sympathetic looks.  I contemplate walking out or ordering a Coke to spite her.  "Look I'm 25 I swear"

Tony: "I promise I didn't just marry anyone under 21, she's 25"

Server: she again gives us this 'I'm not budging grin'. "mumbles something about company policy"

Robin: "I think maybe I left it in the car" (total lie I don't think it is.) "Would you like us to go look?"

Server: " Yes that'd be great".

Tony: actually leaves the restaurant and walks (through the mud) to our car and miraculously finds my ID.
(5 minutes later)

Tony: hands me my ID (my 1st real life miracle)

Robin: (to the server) "Oh look we found my ID.  I'd like a glass of wine"

Server: glances at my ID.  "Oh you are 25, that is so young!"

Now I don't blame her for not budging after asking for the ID but talk about customer service!  I realize that once she asked for the ID she couldn't take it back.  I know there are rules and you never know who's watching but SERIOUSLY?!?  Not only were we totally embarrassed but I could tell everyone nearby was listening and felt bad.  I gave Tony this look like "I'm ready to walk away now" but we'd heard the food was amazing and we wanted to eat it!  Despite the rocky start the food was GREAT!  That night were were 100% organic! We're definitely going back (with our ID's).

August. Nana's
September. Four Square - tasted our first Foie gras and purple sweet potato.
October. Pho 9n9 - saw some minor local celebrities there.
November. Sawasdee Thai - burned our mouths with 3 chilli pepper levels of spicy.  NOT my idea but we switched entrees to taste (or cry from) each others food.
December. Schmidt Haus (Technically in Columbus, Ohio but still nice).  See photos here.
January. Watt's Grocery - saw another local celebrity.  We ate Hoppin' John cakes & hummingbird cake.

Overall this has been an amazing fun YUUMMMMMMMMM! 
Check back for more soon!


  1. The few times I forget my ID are always the times they request it. Murphy's Law. I might be 27, married, and talking about the names of my future offspring when the waitress pops by, but none of that makes one bit of difference.

    And also: I really need to find out what Hummingbird Cake is now.

  2. I think this is a great idea! Maybe not every year, but it would definitely be fun to do the first year of marriage.

    And as annoying as the id part is, I still get it. I heard of a bartender once who let something like this slide, and turns out the person was from one of those undercover tv shows. The guys wound up loosing his job and by law isn't allowed to serve alcohol anymore. It sucks, but I'm sure as a waiter or bartender, if it's my job I would rather be sure.

  3. I worked at a liquor store for a few months, and although I felt bad I had to ask every single person who looked like they could be anywhere from 35 to 16 for an ID. If I sold them liquor and they were underage i'd personally get fined 10,000! It sucks and is embarrassing, but i always think of that when i get carded (most recently someone thought I was 16 - AWKWARD)


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