Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Semi Organic Meals of the week - Jan 3rd

I thought I'd finally post our meals of the week.  It helps to write them all out so you know what to make every day and you use all the fresh produce without letting any go to waste.  Usually T and I just take the leftovers from each night's meal for lunch the next day.  We ALWAYS 'brown bag' it.  I think I've bought a lunch at work once in over 2 years.  It makes it easy to stay healthy and use all the food you've cooked. 

I made this meals of the week background to list what we'll eat each night.  It usually just includes dinner unless something is special for lunch.  Also we as a rule only get meat if we can afford it.  Yeah meat is nice to have but not necessary so it'll be vegeterian unless there's a good sale or I won something free!  (Like this week I used my $25 TJ's gift card to buy turkey - Yay!).  Somehow fish and sausage don't count - we always get those.  No clue where that logic comes from.  Although chicken is listed under the noodle salad for this Thursday I doubt it'll be there since we don't have any.  I'm fine without.  Maybe I'll subsitute beans instead.

What kinds of ways do you do weekly menus?


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it allowed me to find yours :) we have cats, being newlyweds, and a love of food in common!
    love these menus...we always brown bag it too, saves so much money! I need to be better about planning them out like this...maybe a weekly menu is in the works for us too!

  2. I am so incredibly jealous! I need to start making menus but somehow I just don't know how! The amount of food I waste is annoying. Wasting food & money drives me nuts. I'll have to give the menu a try

    Great blog:)

  3. This menu looks awesome! I need to get better about cooking more so that I can brown bag it to work every day too. :)


  4. @Lyndsay: your profile is blocked so I can't find your blog again :(


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