Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Semi DIY Aerogarden

Us being semi organic and all, we like to garden some.  Granted we live in an apartment so it makes it a little tricky.  Think balcony + pots.  We've been known to grow heirloom tomatoes and actually be semi successful.  As a rider package to our traditional gardening we have an Aerogarden.  This baby is amazing!  It grows plants from seeds hydroponically under special grow lights.  All you have to do is program it and fill with water when the light indicates every week or so.  It works so well and so quickly!  Here is a shot from our last Aerogarden adventure:
tomatoes circa 2010
The one expensive part about the Aerogarden is buying the seeds pods every go-around.  The company sell all sorts of packages like herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, flowers etc.  We decided this time to make our own pods from our own seeds and craftiness.  We had some seeds already like tomatoes, basil & other herbs.  The official pods have 2-4 seeds per pod that are held in the foam cylinder inside the tank.  We thought that a regular kitchen sponge would suffice. 
We cut up the sponge.   Then placed the seeds between 2 sponges and placed inside the plastic cradles that sit in the tank.

Water continuously runs over the pods which is the key to growing hydroponically (apparently!)

Pardon the terrible iphone photos - the lighting is crazy.  On a good note it does light up our kitchen a ton!  We have it programed to come on in the morning and turn off around 9pm.  This cycle is set by the machine for 'herbs' and lets the plants do their thing when it's dark. 

We also started sprouting some other plants.  We found this way cool baking tray at goodwill and tried it out as a sprouting dish.  These larger plants like {all organic} tomatoes, green onions and carrots will get transplanted to our deck in larger pots when it gets warm.  Note: not sure how well they'll transplant to Richmond; we'll see.  These benefit from the aerogarden right now since they sit right up next to the light.  Win Win!

I'll keep updating on our progress!  Check back soon! 


  1. This is so awesome. It might as well be a commercial because I'm sold. How much does one of these Aerograden's cost?

  2. Awesome! thanks for sharing, my boyfriend wants to start a garden this spring and we live in the city so it'll be in pots too... this is a cool idea. xoxo jcd

  3. This Aerogarden was free! Courtesy of someone who left it at the communal dumping ground at my old apartment- in full working condition and original box! I think they retail around $150 or so depending on the model. It works great, but occasionally requires some maintenance cleaning of the filter, etc.

  4. Woah, thanks for sharing this. How did you find out about and research this aerogarden stuff? Any specific links besides just all out googling? Thanks!


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