Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eco - toothbrush?

We don't claim to be eco - experts.  We just sometimes choose eco products over the traditional ones.  We're as you know - semi organic.  Which in my personal opinion is better than non organic, or even organicisstupidawasteofmoneyallhypebs.  For us it's a balance of choosing the best eco/organic products while still keeping to a budget.  Anyone in America can tell you organic = expensive!  Duh.  Our latest switch has been something less expected - toothbrushes! 

While walking the aisles (and chomping down all the free samples) of our local Earth Fare we found these in the health/beauty section.  Hint: Saturday = free samples galore!  Random fact: I was actually searching for a blood type home testing kit (long story) which they no longer stock.  So we found these 'preserve' toothbrushes.  Their motto is 'Nothing Wasted. Everything Gained'. 
What's the deal with these?  The handles are made from recycled yogurt cups.  They are also free to recycle back - the packaging is itself a prepaid envelope.  When you're done using the brush just slip it back in the package and mail back to the company.  They'll recycling it back into new toothbrushes!  Pretty cool!  They even have a toothbrush subscription program where you mail back your used ones and they send you a new one every 3 months.

And it's my opinion that they're really comfortable - both to hold and on your teeth/gums.  I of course go with the Ultra Soft variety.  They come in a range of softness-es and colors.  Visit here for details. 

And of course cost?  They're $2.99.  Not the cheap .99 cents sale toothbrush with $1 off coupon at CVS, but I feel good about buying them.  The company Preserve makes other recycled products as well.  They make razors, toothpicks, plates, cups, bowls, cutting boards, colanders & tupperware.  Not sure where all of them can be purchased but I'll update if we get any new cool goodies.


  1. First of all, this is awesome and I want one now.

    Second of all, are the every-3-month toothbrushes free after the initial $2.99 purchase, or is it $2.99 each time they send you a new one?

    I have to find a place that sells this.

  2. @Eric: I think the toothbrush subscription is $13.00, so a little bit of a discount for 4/year.


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