Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's in the bag

Although I was too late to participate in the 'It's in the Bag' blog crawl it doesn't necessarily mean I can't play along!  Check out A Hasty Life for full info!

The contents of my bag:

  1. My purse - an amazing gift from a great friend.  It has owls - I love!  I constantly get compliments on it from strangers.
  2. make up/meds bag - the usual
  3. wallet - its pink and not too big, not too small
  4. work ID badge
  5. mace & rape whistle 
  6. pocket knife multi tool - yes I own one and carry it around.  I occasionally use it and while I don't it collects dust and dirt between its' crevices in the bottom of my bag
  7. iphone headphones - never go anywhere without them
  8. pen collection
  9. Lanshinoh breastfeeding nipple cream.  NO not pregnant!  It just works great as a lip balm.  I have terrible chapped lips and am on the constant search for the best chap-stick.  This works amazing! 
  10. pen light - my husbands' probably
  11. lip glosses & more chap-stick
  12. coupon envelope
  13. gum 
  14. the weirdest of all (maybe) - our marriage certificate.  A crumpled, water stained copied version of it at least.  I used to carry it around last year paranoid that someone wouldn't accept my name change and would require a marriage document to prove it.  At first I did when going to the SSO, bank, cable company etc but now I just carry a copy 'just because'. 
{not shown - keys & iphone - they were absent photo day}

Anyone else carry anything weird around with them in their bag?


  1. I just started carrying a purse this year and I actually posted this same survey on my blog a week or two ago. ^_^ I call my purse my "Bag Full of Holding" because I can fit everything and MORE in that thing.

    RIGHT now, the oddest thing in there, would be a roll of TP. I've been sick, with a horrible stuffy nose and simple Kleenex just runs out so quickly...

  2. Your bag is way more organized than mine :) My bag is where receipts, crumply kleenex, business cards, and gum wrappers go to die.

    By the way, I love the owls!


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