Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meals for the Week - February 7th

I'm a little late with this week's menu but here it is!  As you can see it's mostly all vegetarian.  We just haven't been buying meat since it's cheaper, easier and healthier not to.  Some things on the list are an adventure!  We've never cooked with tofu or tempeh.  What is tempeh you ask?  Just check out trusty wikipedia for info on the fermented soybeans in cake form.  No not cake (what a cruel comparison) - block form. 

We scooped up some veggies on the discount rack this week at the store - cracked (but good) green peppers, decent chopped brocolli & still good celery.  It made menu creation easy with many options in our fridge just waiting to be eaten!  The discount rack saves you like 80% off regular priced produce - just be careful about cleaning and eating them right away to prevent spoilage.

Also not mentioned are chocolate pudding cookies w/nutella and maybe a jam tart or applesauce cake!


  1. sounds like a great list! my bf and i are always looking for meat free (hooray for cheaper and healthier!) meal options. im curious to see how you liked the tempeh.. i like tofu but the bf hates it. soemthing about its texture. ah well. xoxo jcd

  2. That's a tasty menu! I can't seem to get myself to like tempeh. I tried really hard but... yeah... heh. I also wish there was a discount rack for veggies at our stores. Lucky!

  3. Wow you sound like you are quite a cook! What time is dinner?

  4. I'm coming over if you ever make Monday's menu again. I love orecchietti pasta!

  5. My husband & I big health nuts. I will have to check out your blog often for great tips!

  6. yuuuummm! :D


  7. I love your menu! I am amazed at how much money we saved by going meat- and dairy free. And it feels so much better! My goal is to sign up for a Co-op at some point soon. Thanks for sharing your meals, I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. :)


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