Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As mentioned earlier here we have DIY'd our aerogarden.  It had semi success.  Success in that the seeds planted next to it grew great!  They're currently transplanted to larger pots and placed outside on our deck during sunny afternoons.  More to come on that later.

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Back to the aerogarden.  As we tried to save money by not buying the official Aerogarden product pre-portioned seed cups; we self sabotaged our project.  I had suspicions when we went with kitchen sponge instead of the official grey foam to mount the seeds in.  But I figured 'hey what's the worst that can happen?'.  Enter mold.  FAIL BLOG.

What happens when you put an organic product inside a synthetic sponge and run it continuously under water for almost a month?  You get mold.  This doesn't take a genius or even a elementary school science fair project to figure out.  I had thought I noticed something a few days after we 'planted' them.  I noticed the sponge had changed colors in some parts but let it continue to try to thrive.  About 3 weeks later upon checking the water level and to see if any roots had grown into the water basin we spotted it.  A tiny but significant growth of it.  Disaster!  Mold. 

We promptly removed all mold, seed pods, sponges and any remains of the DIY disaster.  We dumped the water and bleached the inside of the reservoir.  Sorry no real photos - didn't have a chance.  Panic set in since a. mold is gross and b. it was in our kitchen right next to all our fresh counter top produce. 

We've gotta keep it real here, no pretending that everything we do is magically awesome.  Next up perhaps: a real official aerogarden?


  1. I tried an Aerogarden last year but realized that after using all of that electricity to keep the damn thing running 24/7, we probably weren't coming out ahead money wise.

    Are you going to keep using it?

  2. That photo (though not yours) is gross. Mold ruins life! And aeroagardens.

  3. @April: I never thought about the electricity bill aspect of it at all. I wonder how much it costs in power... then again we have other things running all nights - kitty water bowl, fan, light & humidifier so not sure this made a huge impact.

    We are going to keep it yes! We're considering starting again maybe soon. I have some amazon credit and will see about buying some real seeds.

  4. You win some you lose some, live and learn. I once washed the vacuum cleaner (I can't believe that I'm admitting this) in the shower without even considering that it had a motor.

    I bet you feel super smart now. What's a sponge when compared to vacuum washing? ;-)

    I look forward to seeing how the next endeavor goes!


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