Monday, February 21, 2011

our semi organic vegetarian menu for the week

Can you detect a theme here?  Yep more vegetarian!  No real meat for us.  Our reasons for eating vegetarian are basic: we want to be healthy and good organic-free-range-no antibiotics-no growth hormone meat is expensive!  We're saving cash buy buying {some organic} veggies over the pricey Whole Foods like awesome meat.  So far it's going well - no big deal anyway since we rarely bought meat to start with.  We used to get rotisserie chicken - 100% NOT organic and TJ's sausages as well as fish pretty often.  Ehh... those weren't that good to begin with right?!?

Here's some shots from our Saturday meal - okay we made it this past weekend, my menu is off.  

all photos by Tony
Got any good vegetarian meals/recipes you like?


  1. sounds pretty spectacular! i love your menu for the week. we eat pizza once a week that is always vegetarian, we also like do pesto tortillinis from trader joes and hash (made with diced potatoes, green/red peppers, onions and fake sausage-- its really filling which is a plus for H). xoxo jcd

  2. :-O I found you over at 20sb and I loooove your blog.

    Honestly, one of my favorite vegetarian meals is a baked potato, some steamed asparagus and maybe some Morning Star Chick'n nuggets if I'm feeling frisky. :-D

    I'm a huge fan of steamed veggies, usually dipped in mustard (I'm also a huge fan of mustard...go figure.)

  3. That looks super tasty! yum!

    I'd be interested in going veg, but my husband is a bit of a 'where's the meat?!?' kind of guy. I blame it on him being German mostly.

    I'll show him your dishes here though and see if he'd be willing to give it a go...

  4. We try to do vegetarian meals a couple times a week, although that often means pasta (or some variation). Can't wait for more creative ideas!

    This is one we just tried, it was awesome!


  5. I'm a vegetarian myself and these are some great ideas!! I'll have to try some myself. :)


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