Monday, February 7, 2011

YouTube Monday

Wow I need this! Why was this not available on our Bed Bath and Beyond registry when we got married last year?  Can be bought here for a low low price of $20.  Also seen here on trendy girl.

I'm also thinking I could just make this.  I mean really how hard would it be?  I'd just need a thin strip of metal about 4" x 12".  I'd need something to file it smooth around the edges and then a cleaning product so it can touch food.  Also I'd need a cake, but I'm sure that's obvious.

Anyone with me? 


  1. This is the handiest little invention I've seen in a while. And to think someone is making a lott of money off of it.. I'm jealous I hadn't thought of it!

    You can definitely make it yourself, for WAY less than $20 too; I may have to try it out myself. =)


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