Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Car Hunting part 2

We now officially have a new addition to our household!  No, again not a baby, new cat or even bedroom furniture... {in my most Bob Barker voice} A NEW CAR!  cue music.

Yep, we bought an actual new car.  It's a Scion xD.  Which for anyone who doesn't know that means it's practically a Toyota - same engine, safety features & even same key fob.  Isn't it pretty?  It still smells new.


We had very mixed experiences when car shopping.  We'd gone to a few dealerships & Carmax to test drive vehicles and just 'start looking' for cars.  We told all of them that we were in the market to buy a car in 3-6 months from now.  Reason for that is we'd have our tax refund and Tony's work bonus by then.  Also we wanted to buy the car before we move to Richmond.  We were primarily interested in used cars (excuse me, pre-owned) but quickly changed our minds. 

We had some good, okay and terrible experiences.  One salesman tried to convince us to make the sale that day if he could get us $200 more on our trade in - BEFORE even showing us the new car!  It was ridiculous.  He sold us on nothing, had terrible eye contact (as in too much) and didn't promote excellence in the company.  Too bad since the Fit was our #1 front runner and we're both Honda people.  Ehh.. he's a sucker.
Then we went to Tony's old stomping grounds to see the Toyota dealership and look around.  We had such a different experience!! :)  We didn't have to awkwardly sit at a desk - they had couches, the salesman was nice and we were way more comfortable.  He explained that they don't work on commission and have no haggle pricing.  This was key!  For 2 young people who've never gone through the car buying process this method spoke directly to us.  We instantly felt comfortable talking to him and hearing what he had to say.  Yes he actually did sell us the car instead of pointing to it and saying  "so... want to buy today?".  Yes that happened at two other places...  Seriously?

In the end we liked the Scion xD and they had just two 2010 models still left on the lot.  We went back the next day and made the sale.  It's our first big official purchase as a couple.  Both our names are on it.  Hello Marriage!  We got some perks that changed our mind about buying new and waiting a few months: 
  • Buying new would give us a lifetime warranty
  • Their no haggle pricing made it easy to see how much it'd cost and how far it'd been marked down - meaning it was as affordable as some used cars
  • Since Tony's enrolled in grad school we got an extra $1000 off.  Yippee!
Welcome to the family little car!  Nope. we're not those people who name their cars or inanimate objects.  Except IKEA products - those actually have names like senor.  Alright another day post.


  1. Looks like it'll be a fun car to drive, and that ya'll got a decent salesman to sell it to you. Car salesmen stress me out, I never ever want to have to buy one from a dealership. :o

  2. I can totally relate to this post, buying a car is so stressful! I just found your blog and I am your newest follower :)

  3. It's great that you found the car you're searching for from the hundreds of used cars for sale offered at used car lots these days!


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