Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Around the semi organic household we have a special helper - the cat Cornelius.  Named after the Babar character he's got quite a personality.  Some of his finest achievement are doing tricks, gently patting your cheek if he's hungry whilst you're sleeping and of course napping.  Wait... what?  Tricks?  Yep, our proud fellow does tricks - as in dog like tricks.  Currently he knows Up, Sit, Speak & Shake.

It all started out when he was a kitten, he'd try to get you to pet his head by rubbing up on your hand.  He trained himself to jump front paws off the ground and touch the top of his head to the bottom of your hand - no matter how high the hand is.  Typically we place our palm face down in the air about 3 feet off the ground, and he'll just jump up.  We call it 'up'.  He'll do higher; even 4 feet!  He even does 'up' sometimes if your standing and casually have your hand by your side!  He's gotten so good that he knows the command perfectly and will even do it for other people.

Then we started training him in other tricks.  First Sit, then Speak.  He knows those pretty well now.  It's taken a long time for him to learn since his brain is quite small (hey that's no insult! it's true).  He knows all the tricks best when doing them in sequential order (and the same spot in the kitchen).  Recently we've been teaching him Shake.  It's the basic put his paw on your hand deal.
kitty yoga in the living room - he needs it!  he's chubs
How do you train a cat?  Same way you train a dog - I guess.  I've never trained a dog; or owned one.  We use treats, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Praise when he does it right and such.  I never started out wanting a cat that does tricks - but he just taught himself to do the first one so we went from there!  I know it kinda sounds weird, but to us he's extra special.
he loves tv, he only wants to watch his purrfect dvd - yes we have a dvd for cats!

he helps me play angry birds

He's quite a heifer - at 17 pounds.  The new vet heard about him before ever seeing him and expected a bowling ball.  He's not.  He's just large.  He's really tall and really long.  He's got some fat on him - you see it more in some photos than others.  I've tried putting him on a diet but he's just too darn cute! 
he's overall a lazy, fat cat


Tell me you don't think this is the coolest? 
What's the coolest trick you've taught a pet?

ppssttt:  coming soon - house apartment tours! (with glorious photos)


  1. love this cat! my cat can sit, shake, and lie down, I wish he could speak!

  2. whoa!! My cats are not this talented...that is so cool!
    The only training ours have is that they know they are not supposed to be on the kitchen counter ever, and they know to sit at the top of the basement stairs and cry when their food runs out.

    He is too cute!!!

  3. Even my dog isn't that talented! That's awesome!

  4. I know this is an old post but I still wanted to comment that Cornelius and his tricks are very cool! It is adorable the way he jumps up to meet your hand before the tricks, too :)
    I had a cat that would fetch a jingle ball toy for HOURS until she was panting and exhausted. She taught herself that though so I can't take any credit for it.


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