Monday, March 21, 2011

Favorite iPhone Apps

  1. tiny wings - the newest addicting favorite - try it. now. go
  2. angry birds - they're angry.
  3. facebook. duh.
  4. mint - keep track of your dollars.
  5. iSlash - very fun for 50+ levels and free
  6. pandora.  also the best for music. and free.
  7. cardstar - new and convienent - keeps all your 'shopper cards' in one place
  8. groupon - it gives me great deals on stuff
  9. snaptell - my best friend when I'm at barns & noble
  10. BirdStrike - Jerry says hi.
m y
f a v o r i t e s


  1. I am so going to download these!

  2. I love most of these already but I am going to get the ones I don't. What is snaptell??

  3. @Julie: snaptell is 2 things (love dual use!) It's a basic barcode scanner app. Scan barcodes & check prices, info etc. It's also a book cover scanner - thing. You can snap a photo of a book cover and it tells you the info about the book. I keep a running list of books on this app of ones I want to read. Very easy to use and handy!

  4. I'm going to have to investigate a couple of these. I <3 my Pandora app. It gets a lot of use.

  5. I've got to give Tiny Wings a try!


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