Wednesday, March 30, 2011

House Tour

The time has come for a house tour!  I snapped some photos with my limited photo skills on the manual setting of a fancy camera.  Welcome to our humble abode... that is until we move.  I wanted some shots of our place as it remains intact and un-packed before the move.  This is and will always be 'our first place together'. 

I have no complaints about our apartment.  True, we're not homeowners so we haven't done anything big, and we just chose the place since it was new, modern, clean & decently priced.  It's not our dream home, but seriously does the job these days, and we're happy.

We have a bright, warm living room/dining room/open kitchen floor plan.  Yes we have yellow walls & ceilings - my photo skills are that out of wack (okay maybe some, but I try).  The colored walls drew us to this place since most rentals have stark white walls that are bland.  Also we have high vaulted ceilings which make the place seem huge!  We have a Big Lots couch & World Market love seat with other furnishings from IKEA, Target, a dumpster & stuff from friends moving across country (thanks Lauren!).  And Bonus points to you if you can count 3 fake plants in the room!

We finallllllllly completed our dining set a few weeks ago.  Previously we had 2 bar chairs of the correct height, and 2 of incorrect height (aka too short).  I spotted a 55% off sale on amazon and with some gift card credit we bought the matching pair.  Plus after we sell the first 2 chairs on Craigslist we'll recap some of the cost to less than $40 a chair!  The table is from World Market a few years back.  This nice built in nook holds all our cookbooks & wedding goodies like platters n such (oh and a puffer fish!).

Bedroom #1 is the master and as I mentioned in my dream bedroom post we have these Crate and Barrel bedding set that I base our entire living design around.  Yep, the whole apartment.  Oh, do you spot the made over dresser I finished?!

I luuurve our kitchen!  It has plenty of counter space - as you can see it crammed with stuff and we have big, tall cabinets.  Maybe you can't tell by the photo, but the cabinets are taller than me reaching even with my arm extended!  We bought a step stool to reach the top 2 inside shelves.  It's awesome!  As far as rental places go, we've got it made.  We know we're spoiled with this luxury. 

Bathroom #1 is decent sized with even some storage for all my hair crap.  The bathroom holds the closet too.  Which is somewhat of an awkward arrangement but we make it work. 

I have a little nook with a mini desk that I use.  It's got some nice built in shelves.  I chose a desk chair that wasn't black or industrially on wheels but soft, fabric and slightly girly.  It's not yellow like my photo looks - it's more tan/white with colored stripes/dots.  This nook is perfect for my little laptop and a few papers. 

Finally we have the deck.  As you can see, we live pretty far up in the building.  It's great for the following reasons: no loud upstairs neighbors, a little workout each time we come home & the kitty can safely play outside with out escaping.  (horror almost death fall story for another time - hence the fencing around the bars).  We've got some plants growing nicely - most notable my rose plant.  Once that sucker blooms in a few days there'll be photos!

Note: not shown are: bedroom & bathroom #2, laundry room & entry way - they're okay but not web worthy.  Read all about a trend I'd like to try in our home - now that you've seen it - here!  It'll make much more sense!

So that's the tour! 

Check back to see how we use what we've got and furnish a new place when we move to Richmond this summer!


  1. Holy crap. Y'all have a gorgeous apartment!!! :O I loved the tour! I love anything with personal pictures, what can I say? Especially the interior designer in myself. ^_^

  2. Hey, that is a great apartment! Some great design going on.

  3. That's a really nice place! I especially like the balcony... and the green duvet! Love it!

  4. My gosh, this is such a wonderfully-decorated place! How humble can one be in a place like that, it's truly awesome. That's exactly how I'd like my first place decorated. Looking for some extra work? Haha.

  5. how fun! your place looks SO big! and il ove that kitchen :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. I love your little built in desk! I don't really have a desk in our house, so I'm a little jealous


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