Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let them eat pancakes

Warning: these photos will make your mouth water.  Consider reading after lunch. 

After going for a Saturday brunch at local Flying Biscuit Cafe here in Raleigh we decided to make a copy cat version of their pancakes.  We didn't go local, organic or even from scratch here - just basic old Easy Blueberry {heart smart} Bisquick pancakes.  Correction we did use organic berries.  Yay semi organic!  To try something different from boring old sugary syrups we used plain vanilla soy yogurt and a berry compote.  It made for a slightly sweet, very berry, yummy breakfast. 

The berry mixture is from frozen rasberries (and maybe strawberries & blueberries?) and who knows what else.  Most likely vanilla, brown sugar, orange juice, lemon juice.  Just boiled down and mashed then drizzled over warm pancakes and cool yogurt. 

All photos by Tony on his fancy camera.


  1. The berries were even easier than that- just brought to a boil some frozen blueberries & raspberries with juice of one lemon & a spoonful of brown sugar!

  2. HOLY pancakes! those look delicious. xoxo jcd cornflake dreams


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