Wednesday, March 23, 2011

patent pending hiccup cure

I have an honest to goodness real cure for hiccups. 

I've been debating about blog posting this since I'm sure I could keep it to myself and [somehow] make money off of it.  Doesn't everyone have a couple inventions they're keeping secret until it more than likely someone else makes them?  I know everyone and their grandma has a cure for hiccups but I'm telling you - this one works - every time.  Google 'cure for hiccups' and there are 340,000 hits.  You'll never need 339,999 of them ever again.

Robin's hiccup cure:
  1. take a long slow deep breath through your nose and don't let it out.
  2. while continuing to keep that deep breath in - try to take in more air
  3. when you think you're lungs are filled with air - take a tiny bit more.
  4. then suck in the tiniest bit more through your mouth - standing upright helps.
  5. then hold it in. for as long as possible.
  6. then when you want to exhale it all at once. don't.
  7. s l o w l y let the breath out.
  8. release the air in your lungs as slowly as you possibly can
  9. keep exhaling slowly - painfully slowly
  10. try to get every little last bit of air down out from the bottom of your lungs out through your mouth. - hunching over helps.
then return to normal.  If done correctly (aka a little painfully) hiccups will be gone immediately.  If not, try once more.

couldn't follow all that? 
Simple steps:
  1. breathe in slowly.
  2. breathe out slowly.
When you've discovered that my cure all (patent pending) hiccup removal works - come back and comment to tell me it works.  Then tell your friends and then tell them to come to my blog and read the incredible testimonials.

note: there is no actual patent pending on this idea.  But I'm here to say I've known about this since at least 2006.


  1. Hahaha this is so funny! I can't wait to try, i wish I had hiccups now!

  2. Hahah I've developed a very similar method of curing the hiccups! The main point being expanding your chest with a super deep breath (therefore stretching the diaphragm that's bugging out). Perhaps it'll work even better if I exhale completely as well. I'll give it a shot. =)


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