Friday, March 18, 2011

Potato Noodles

Inspired by the ingenious Richard Blais on this week's episode of Top Chef, tonight we delved into the world of sweet potato pasta!
No, no this isn't sweet potato FLAVORED pasta (think spinach or red pepper flavored pasta).  We mean pasta made from sweet potatoes... or rather noodles made from sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are one of our new favorite things (also espresso flavored chocolate mousse!), and we are learning how to utilize them beyond your traditional baked sweet potatoes or sweet potato pie.  We've been perfecting baked sweet potato fries with rosemary and olive oil, sweet potato gnocchi, and sweet potato chocolate chip cookies.

Tonight's dinner was a prototype on this concept of using sweet potatoes as the noodles.  On Top Chef, Richard had some fancy mandolin-type machine (even though the whole episode took place on a "deserted island"!) to cut the potatoes into even, paper-thin ribbons, which he hand cut into noodles.  Lacking this luxury, we simply used a potato peeler to peel beyond the skin! It worked pretty well, except it did not result in uniform noodles:
no not carrots.
We made a simple sauce for the noodles, which involved sauteing some garlic & shallots, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, tofurky sausage (the weakest link of tonight's dinner) and herbs de provance.  The secret ingredient was Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper Spread.  Once the sauce was ready, we dropped the noodles into boiling water for about 3 minutes and it was done!

Served with goat cheese, the result was a scrumptious,  fresh new take on pasta. It was a big hit, and we can't wait to make it again. We need to perfect the noodle making process to allow for more uniformity & perhaps more of a pasta-like feel (while it was delicious & the taste was A+, the texture was not quite what we were going for).
Stay tuned for more food updates!


  1. I wish I liked sweet potatoes. I always hear such excellent things about them, but every time I try them again, it goes poorly.

  2. I thought Richard's pasta was an amazing idea. But I never would have felt comfortably tackling it myself. I'm glad to see you did, and that it really isn't as difficult as I would have thought!

  3. I have been searching the internet like crazy. Where can I purchase that peeler

  4. @ANN: we just used a simple hand potato peeler (.99 at IKEA!) to get thin strips of potato. They weren't even or straight, but hey, it worked!

  5. Heya, found you on 20sb! This seems like a great idea, and I can't wait to try it! I'm definitely following you now, I gotta see what other awesome ideas you come up with. :)

  6. That is a really good idea. Do you make flour-based pasta noodles? Last time I tried it was a TOTAL flop, because I couldn't roll it thin enough without a pasta roller.


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