Friday, March 11, 2011

The trend I've been wanting to try in my home is

Thanks to Liz at It's Great to be home for throwing an awesome blog party.  To continue the party (second month) off the topic isThe trend I've been wanting to try in my home is ...

a more refined, open, flowey, polished, "us", furniture and home decor theme.  I want tall flowey curtains, a nice bench for the end of the bed, dining room table or entry way.  I like this nice living room chair in a cool color (not brown or beige) - like grey, blue or cream.  I really like this buffet table - it has accordion doors and would be perfecto for our wedding china.  Could never justify it's price tag of $700 though.  In truth I love our hand-me-down (aka heirloom) wedding china but am looking for a solid piece of furniture to hold it - no glass doors.  The pattern is beautiful but only 50-85% our style and will save it for special occasions. 

I want to incorporate more blues and whites as a trend in our home, to go along with the dark woods and greens and browns we already have.  Perhaps it'll be too boring, I dunno.  Also I love this rug - or any rug with a cool geometric pattern.  Ours currently is a hand-me-down and the cat has destroyed it - so it's being trashed (recycled?) when we move. 

psst: see my first months blog adventure here.



  1. i love that blue rug! its v pretty. xoxo jcd

  2. The mood board you created is such a perfect representation of what you described - it's breezy, sophisticated and really, really beautiful. I don't think it would be too boring at all! Thanks so much for linking up, I loved getting to see this. :)

  3. Great post! Sounds like a lovely plan - good job on the inspiration board. Looks like you are a fairly new blogger like me! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. That looks amazing! good choice perhaps maybe you could add a little bit light color just a little to make it even..


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