Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amato Photography

You may have noticed a new little box on the sidebar of my our blog.  That's a link to the facebook page for our photography site.  Tony and I have started a little photography side business - well not a real business per-say but a side something. 

The low-down:
Typically in the last few years we only do photography for family & friends.  It's always just been for fun - a hobby really, not to make money.  I say "we" but really 90% of the time just Tony is the photographer and I just tag along going "aww you guys are so cute!" and stuff like that making sure we get all the best poses & best smiles - while carrying everyone's bags & gear.  He does the editing and hard stuff.  We only get paid in food. 

We Tony has real experience - with over 8 years!  He's worked at a newspaper, on the yearbook, done lots of free lance work, done countless photo shoots for groups, families, couples, kids & weddings. 

We decided to try to earn a few extra bucks by offering our services to others.  (We know that between the two of us we'll have a few weeks when moving that there will be no paychecks [eeak!] and can use all the savings earned now.  Moving 200 miles can get expensive too!   We figure we only want to earn a few bucks so we can offer prices signifiantly lower than big studios and private full time professionals.  This gig will probably only last until he get's serious in school (aka day 1).

For More Info:
We're offering 2 hour sessions for engagement shoots with full editing and all the photos for $50.  For more information visit Amato Photography or our Flickr Page.  Our services are located in the Triangle - Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Thus if you know someone in the area who is in need of fab photos on the cheaps, send them our way!  So far we've got 3 clients, which isn't bad.  Wish us luck as we see how well we do as 'mini short term business owners'!

action shot with lots of gear
Some of the beautiful couples Tony has shot:

Engagement B&W-15Alex & Matt-8

Erin & Taylor-15Emily&Karl3BW.jpg

Erin & Taylor-24Alex & Matt Rings & Makeup-17


  1. Wow! your pictures are so good! If I lived closer (and was engaged!) I would be all over this!

  2. Way to go for doing what you love- it's inspiring, truly. Way to go!


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