Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Status

Here's a quick photo update on the status of our garden.  In previous years we've worked harder on our garden but this year with wedding stuff, the new place, travelling so much and overall laziness we've slacked off.  We did try to start our seeds off in our great success fail DIY aerogarden.  We ended up just planting a few things in pots and seeing how they did.  With the big moving coming we're not hoping for a huge harvest but it's still fun to try.  These last few weeks we've been getting great sunlight on our porch, so these babies are starting to grow strong.
(dead) rose plant? and ??????? what's that tiny leaf on the left side?
I forget what this is... carrot?  love puff plant?
long story, but a beautiful red flower grown from a bulb.  came from Target.
more lettuce
rosemary (well half a rosemary plant) from Whole Foods circa 12/10
rose plant - needs to be pruned and/or staked.
rose almost blooming

If any vegetables start to grow I'll post more photos.  We love being able to grow a few of our very own organic veggies.  2 summer's ago was a record for me - I had 4 huge basil plants we couldn't eat through, many heirloom tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, carrots & flowers.  Many of these seeds we've gotten from friends or family and some are heirloom.  Hopefully we'll have a porch/deck/patio at our next place and will be able to grow some more next summer.  Wow that seems like a long way away! :/


  1. we are moving to a new place with good sun exposure but only a porch, no grass to plant. Thus, we are trying to figure out what kind of potted veggies we can grow. We better get a move on! (Although its still pretty darn cold in MN).
    Peppers would be my top priority!

  2. Wow... I am jealous! I would love to garden this year! We were a little late on the bandwagon so we are waiting until next year!!

    Great site by the way!

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  3. I think it was last year, my boyfriend started growing tomatoes in his apartment. He had a TONNE of plants and actually got a lot of tomatoes!


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