Monday, April 18, 2011

Meals for the Week - April 18th

Happy Earth Day {week}!  Hope you got your free Target reusable bag yesterday and stop by Lowe's to get your free tree this Saturday 4/23! 

This week as always we're trying to eat pretty healthy and semi organic.  On the menu this week are some goodies we've got in our pantry, freezer and of course fresh!  Yumm!


  1. Mmmm, looks so varied and delicious! How often do you switch around days? Like, "eh, I don't feel like soup tonight, let's push that back to tomorrow night"?

  2. @April: sometimes we do... like when we're scheduled to have soup and I forgot to soak the beans overnight. oops! Other times we'll have ran out of an ingredient (likely tomatoes, spinach or onions, or even sour cream for Indian food!) and have to make a switch.

  3. Yum...the bean risotto sounds delicious!

  4. Look how cute your meal plan is! I might even follow one if it were all decorated!

  5. That all sounds so amazing!


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