Monday, April 11, 2011

More Yellow

We had a very busy weekend.  We shopped, we dropped, dined, cleaned, decorated and more.  To start off I'll show you a project I did all by myself.  I switched out the handle pulls on our console table!  We originally inherited this console table from a friend who was moving across country and needed to get rid of furniture.  I think it came from Target.  It had standard silver handle knobs - they're alright.  I knew I wanted fancier ones that were more 'us'.  

the before

Enter Anthropologie.  Ahhh Anthropologie, most fashionable clothes, the cutest stuff, oldest display cabinets around (no really, ever read the tags on those things?... table circa 1880 France $3,600), and most unique hardware.  There were too many knobs to choose from and even more online to buy.  They had all sorts of colorful designs, patterns and funky animal heads to put on your drawers or use as handles.  We chose these cute sunny yellow rubbed oil handles that really go with our living room.  They're kind of rustic, kind of modern and fresh. 

the after

And that's the end to the story of our new console table knobs.  Exciting huh?!  I think the table overall looks much better and goes really well with the rest of our living room.  Hopefully it'll translate well once we move to our new place.  I have high hopes.  

Random, but do they look like eyes to anyone else?  Did we just give our table a face?  lol.  


  1. o fun! i love the new knobs, it makes such a difference. xoxo jcd :: ps im hosting a interior design link up! post about your dream room or decor wishlist and link up at cornflake dreams all week!

  2. i love them! knob re-dos always make such a great impact :)!

  3. Gosh I love Anthropologie. It's one of my favorite stores...unfortunately, it also reminds me how broke I am.


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