Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pero: a coffee alternative.

If your a serious coffee seeking alternative person, or are just curious aftter my review of Tecchino, I have news for you!  I have been experimenting more in the coffee alternative sector.  Remember way back when I gave up coffee and I felt so much better?  Well I have always loved the taste of coffee, especially in lattes or yummy mixed drinks.  I HAD to find an alternative!

I tried Tecchino.  It was pretty good but not so amazing I'd 1000% drink it daily.  So I'd give it a B-.  Now I'm trying Pero.  I got it at my local health foods store.  I think it cost about $8 and has like 100 servings or something.  The container feels like it's filled with just air - it's almost weightless!  Crazy.  It's made of barley, malted barley, chicory and rye.  I know you're probably thinking "great I still have no clue what's in it".   Yes that's what I was thinking. 

Well barley is a plant (good natural start) but no clue how it gets turned into this product.  It's a grain.  Well chicory is a plant (another good start) that has leaves you can eat in salads and roots that go into coffee alternative products.  Excellent.  Thus it has a earthy/root/slightly bitter taste.  Rye is also a plant (still good) and no clue what part of it goes into this product.. the grain? the grass?  the roots?

I checked out the website and it wasn't very helpful.  I found that it doesn't have any caffeine or anything artificial.  It won't elevate my heart rate, blood pressure or create sleeplessness.  The website has a bunch of cool recipees to make with it - from lattes to mouse and tiramisu.  No clue how it get its' brown color - maybe the chicory?!  See what it looks like in my photo below.

The taste?   Well at first I hated it.  (it's still not the real thing)  The directions say to add 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of hot (hot boiling water).  I found that gave me luke warm brown water.  Bleghh.  I then decided to add more than 1 tsp and add to boiling hot tea kettle water.  It was okkkaaayyy.  Not great.  C- at best. 

Then I decided to add other stuff - like cocoa powder, vanilla syrups, mint hot chocolate mix.  All of a sudden it was good!  Maybe even a B+ grade!  Probably not the healthiest way to start your day but enjoyable for the coffee less - give us a break!

A hot chocolate mix with pero cup of morning goodness.  It's no real coffee but a good way to start a morning. 


  1. Interesting looking stuff- I've never tried Pero! It might be fun to mess around with though, like you said. Thanks for the honest review :)

  2. This definitely looks like something I would try - nay, SHOULD try. I love new things and I love coffee so why not try a nice natural alternative. That's right up my alley.

    *Your blog name makes me smile.

    My best, Lynn

  3. I use half Pero + half Caffix. Caffix has a much darker taste, and they seem to go good mixed together.


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