Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stoop Cat

We've been mentally coming up with a list of 'Must Haves' for our new home/apartment/whatever we find when we move.  More on that soon...

One of the must haves/would really really really like to have is a porch for Cornelius.  He is a member of the family and one of his favorite spots is an outdoor deck.  He's a stoop cat.  From my old place to our current place he loves hanging out on the deck.  Since I've always lived on the 3rd floor it's never been an issue with him being able to escape (side story another day).  He's an indoor cat and we intend to keep it that way.
I wish I could find the photo of him sitting in his usual position at my old apartment with his head hanging over the edge of the railing. 

Even in the dead of winter he cries to go out.  He sits by the door and does his 'speak' and paws at the closed door hoping that someone will let him out.  Of course once he realized that it's still 20 degrees (just like it was 10 minutes ago) he cries and paws to come back in.  Really we know who's boss, but like to entertain him.  We use the opportunity to teach him tricks.  Now that it's warm out he'll spend an entire day out on the deck lounging in the sun, cat napping and whatever else kitties do, chase bugs, sniff new smells, be on the look out for birds and dogs and what not.  He'll come in for meals and if it gets too hot. 

So we really hope that when we move we'll have an outdoor spot for him.  So he can continue to be a stoop cat.  Neither of us want to let him free and be a semi outdoor cat so we're hoping for a fenced in deck.  This is a very specific request since we find a rental house/townhouse it most likely won't have a fenced in deck.  An apartment?  more likely. 

some shots of him being sneaky:

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