Monday, April 25, 2011

What is this?

Can you help us?  We need to identify this product.  We bought it at our local Harris Teeter under the 'lemongrass' sign.  But now think we maybe wrong.  It's about the texture of a carrot... could it be an alternative carrot?  It might be a little softer than a carrot actually.  hmm... It has a faint lemongrass scent but it could be something else.  It cost about $2.50 (YIKES!!!) for this one piece.  We better put it to good use (once we know what that is).

any thoughts?

*** thanks to everyone who commented.  The conculsion is YES this is a parsnip (duh me.).  Question: what do parsnips smell like?  Better question: what does lemongrass look/smell like?  ***


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  2. I'd vote parsnip too! They are good with other root veggies - in soups or potato mashes. More spicy than sweet so they help vary flavor.

  3. Looks like a parsnip to me too. They taste kind of radish-like, so I am not a fan. A lot of people like them roasted.

  4. Yes! It's a parsnip!! :) I put it in my soup! Has a very weird taste though, if you eat it alone. :)

  5. I'd vote that it's a parsnip too, although if it is it shouldn't smell like lemongrass!

  6. Def. parsnip. They are good roasted too!


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