Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My name is Robin and I coupon

I started couponing before TLC's Extreme Couponing show.  I follow a few couponing blogs that track sales and coupons that I shop at.  Krazy Coupon Lady & Southern Savers.  I'm not super into it (yet) but do love a good sale and anything that gets me good deals or free items! 

The other day I found an amazing deal!  I was shopping at Lowes Foods (not the home improvement store) and poking around in their back of the store discount bins.  Ya know the section?  Every grocery store usually has one.  The bins with the dented cans, holiday stuff from many seasons ago, single items originally packaged as 'not for individual sale' etc.  This week I found razors!  Perfectly good 2 packs of Venus marked down 50%.  Originally priced at $11.56 marked down to $5.78 is a good deal... but wait!  I had a $2 off coupon!  Making it $3.78! 

I wasn't sure if I could use that coupon on already discounted items but the manager typed it in for me.  Note 1: Lowes Foods is always so great about coupons - never any issues like other places.

note 2: who would pay $12 for 2 razors?  Insanity... or just someone desperate on a beach vacation who forgot theirs (we've all been there).  Regardless, I win.

This isn't the world's best coupon deal but it makes me happy!  My advise - start small.  Don't try to save 75% on your first couping adventure, anything is a start.  Like I've said, I'm not super into couponing but I like to try.  The best deals are when you match coupons with store sale items.  Bonus if you get double coupons or if there are deals like reward bucks or next time coupons that print.

Check out some sites online that make it easy for coupon beginners to learn the tricks.  They have the links to all the online couponing sites where you print from your home computer.  Good Luck!


  1. That is super exciting. I'm trying to get into couponing myself!!

  2. Yes!! A fellow couponer! I mean hello, who wouldn't want to save money where they can?! And the grocery store is one of the easiest places. And I love that you're a healthy eater because you can help me convince people that you can eat well AND not spend hundreds of dollars on groceries. :)

  3. @Leslie: yes! Couponing and eating healthy CAN be done!

  4. LOVE IT! I just started couponing a little bit before the show started and I am getting more and more addicted. I get high on deals. Sorta sad I know only we are saving and that makes me excited!


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