Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Organic Shampoos - Research

I've been gathering information on organic shampoos.  Remember To Do: Organic Shampoo?  I've snapped some photos of some of the selections in the past few weeks whenever I'm out at the grocery/pharmacy/etc.  While I say 'shampoo' I really mean 'shampoo and conditioner 2for'.  That's a technical term.  I of course am interested in shampoo AND conditioner - but not a combo, those suck. 

So price wise many of the ones I've found locally are not far off from each other.  They're more than Pantene Pro-V ($4) but less than Aveda ($21).  Around $7-9 seems standard for grocery/drug store/less than boutique like places.  I'm warming up to the idea of fancier shampoo.

As you can see many shampoos just claim to be 'natural' rather than actually using all 100% organic ingredients.  What makes a shampoo organic/natural?  Good Question!  Some combination of the following:
  • paraben free
  • phenoxyethanol free
  • phthalate free
  • SLS free
  • PEG free
  • propylene glycol free
  • petroleum product free
  • no artifical colors
  • no artificial synthetic fragrances
  • sulfate free
  • sodium chloride free
These natural/organic shampoos can be 'Eco-Certified, Fair-trade compliant & Certified Organic Ingredients' or 'Certified Organic in accordance with the California Food Act of 1990. (3) Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International' and/or 'Sulfate Free & Paraben Free Formulas with Organic Active Ingredients'.

As you can see this is all very confusing. Honestly I'm overwhelmed with websites that score products and websites that discuss and compare organic shampoos with semi organic shampoos and regular (toxic?) shampoos. Some products claim to be USDA Certified, others just claim to be sulfate free. Other products are just in the 'organic/natural' section of the store and perhaps just cost more. Some products claim health benefits while others claim Mother Earth benefits.

I haven't pulled the trigger and bought anything yet. It's too confusing. Besides finding a product that looks and sounds good - what about smell, texture, what'll do to my hair?!?

Today's conclusion. I want something that is as chemically free as possibly, natural ingredients, environmentally friendly company and will make my hair look like Belle's. 

More info coming soon!


  1. We use Hugo Naturals and I love it! It smells nice, cleans my hair, is made in the USA and free of a lot of the bad stuff. Haven't tried most of the others though. Looks like there are a lot more choices then I ever thought!

  2. I use Ojon shampoo (the thickening one, cause I have thin hair) and I LOVE it – it's expensive, but totally worth it. Plus if you buy the value pack with the conditioner it's not that bad... and after using it for several months, it's the first time in ages that I've been able to not wash my hair every day. I believe the pack is called the Ojon Hydrating Thickening Liter Duo in case you want to check it out.

  3. I've treid the drug store organic shampoos and wasn't thrilled with them. In the fall I started using organic shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joe's and I LOVE IT! It's only about $2.50 for a big bottle and it works better than most of the $20.00 shampoos I've used! Worth a try!

  4. hahaha good luck with your search, I know you will look like belle soon :)

  5. I just found your blog and am so glad that I did. I have been having fun reading over some of your other posts and look forward to reading more.

  6. I have tried the Organix coconut milk. It didn't blow my mind as far as how it made my hair feel, but my god the smell was MIND BLOWING. Loved it!


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