Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Richmond Moving Status

What's going on with our big move lately?  A lot of something and a lot of nothing...

Basically everything is on schedule right now.  It's already May but I have yet to secure a job and we've yet to decide on a place to live.  Reminder: Tony's school begins mid August.  We'd like to be moved by August 1st at the latest, so we have a couple weeks to settle in - make a few trips to IKEA ya know etc.  Ideally I'd like my first day of work (in my imaginary dream job) would be around August too - or a little sooner to start making some extra bucks. 

As of now I've had 1 phone interview - not such a promising start.  I've applied to a bunch of jobs - maybe a dozen.  I find more every week.  I applied for one February 1st and they just called me this week - slow state government jobs!  jeez.  It's okay; I'll take slow if it means pushing my potential start date late into the summer and the prospect of high wages.  If I get that job they want me to start in May (not likely). 

We're planning on 4 mini scouting missions to look for houses and neighborhoods in the next month.  We're making 2 trips up to DC for my brother's college graduation and a friend's wedding in May.  We'll have to drive right through Richmond along the way on I-95.  We figure no better time to check Richmond out than when we're already there!  One mini scouting trip each direction - there and back.  We'll be looking specifically at The Fan, Church Hill, Jackson Ward, The Museum District and Old Town Manchester. 

I've been using craigslist and to keep and eye on the rental market in Richmond over the last few months.  My beloved google map real estate died remember?  I've had to improvise.  I've found a few property management companies that often don't list on craigslist can are potentially very good resources.  I keep seeing certain types of places in each of the areas mentioned and we just have to check them out.  Living 5 blocks from T's school sounds great - but I don't remember that neighborhood being the best.  Also street view is a life saver!!!! 

Story: I see something on a private leasing comanies' site.  It has great photos, amazing credentials (washer/dryer, dishwasher, off street parking, included utilities, hardwood floors, amazing windows yadda yaada) and under (our made up) budget.  I go to google maps and look at street view. 

umm... WHAT?

This is why you'll never be able to 100% get what you need out of apartment hunting from the Internet alone.  End of story.

Next up:
  • really get a job
  • make new budget with updated income/expenses
  • find a place to live that's safe
  • enjoy our last summer together with practically no responsibilities
  • pack all our stuff up/hiring a moving company


  1. Re: street view... WOW! At least you got a chance to check it out using google before going through the hassle of driving there, etc. good luck on your apartment and job search!

  2. Ummm... that street view is a little scary!! ;-)

    Happy Wednesday my Dear! xo

  3. I'm going through the same thing right now - we're packing up and leaving Chicago to settle down in Louisville, KY where my husband grew up and his family still lives. We don't have jobs there but luckily he will be working from home for his current job as long as he wants to (hooray!) and I will be trying to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams of opening a boutique!

    Good luck finding everything! I know it will work out!

  4. I am from VA and miss it all the time. Good luck with the job and house hunt!


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