Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Richmond Status (again)

I have a new updated map!  I love maps. 

You can see I've added a new color to our moving map since the last update.  The colors represent areas where we do or do not want to live.  Richmond is a big place.  There's a decent sized downtown area as well as city living and tons of suburbs and surrounding areas.  Red is no, yellow maybe, green yes, blue still need to check, purple Trader Joes & shopping. 

It kinda looks like we're trying to comb the entire city before moving there!  HA!  What fun would that be?  Then we wouldn't have anything to explore once we got there!  We like surprises, but not that much surprise.  Like OH! ps. your backyard is a squatters nest or surprise! you don't want to walk outside after dark.  'Since we have to live there for at least two years we want to find something that'll be awesome and so we don't have to move once we get to know the place!  This is logistics at it's best people.  And we do our best on Logistics Sundays.  Lately they've been Fridays and Saturdays, but whatever. 

We scoped out the place a few weeks ago when we drove through to my brother's college graduation.  Both Jackson Ward and Manchester are OUT.  I wrote about these options here recently.
Right now we're going on research, intuition, hope & luck.  We hope for the best and are just trying our best.  It's difficult since I don't have a job yet so it's hard to plan a budget when you don't know how much your income is.  Another possibility could be that we find a really cool place but everyone else from Tony's program could live far away - which would be a bummer.  There are tons of constraints and things to plan.  We want a place large enough for all our stuff, have a personal washer/dryer, preferably dishwasher and porch with 2 parking spaces off street.  Is there a magic real estate rental God out there with some rental apartment/job offer pixie dust?

As we inch our way closer to June I'm a busy bee applying for jobs, keeping up the rental market research and saving our dollars so we can build up a big moving fund.


  1. Moving can be sort of hard, but definitely exciting! I love that TJ's has its own color code hahaha! My priorities are often grocery stores, library branches, and parks!

  2. this is so cute you have this map all made up!

  3. Your preparedness is inspiring. :)

  4. looks like you're doing your research! I'm the same way- I need to learn as much as possible to make sure the best decision is made! Best of luck to you both!

  5. Just found your blog & am loving it! My husband and I just had a big move. It can be quite stressful but SO exciting :) Happy moving planning today ;) !

  6. I have relatives in Glen Allen, which is in the blue section of your map. It's a nice place, clean and close to lots of shopping, but still pretty. They love it! Good luck!


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