Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend wrap up

We had a glorious weekend.  Here's a wrap up of some photos - late.  Yes it's Tuesday.  Sometimes with my 4 day work schedule and T's hospital schedule we've got some crazy days off in a row going on. 

Cornelius fell asleep against the window... cutie.

We ate to-die-for lunch truffles at 'Parker and Otis' off our one year of fancy dining list.

I had a Easter themed bunny chocolate.  It was really good.  Definitely worth the $? price T paid while I wasn't looking.  These are our types of splurges!

I {GASP!} drank a latte.  With soy milk of course.  I didn't die of stomach pain.  Actually I didn't have any pain at all - that I recall.  Hmmm... the saga continues.

We've been cleaning with these amazing Trader Joe's kitchen cloth's.  They're kinda like a combination of sponges and paper towels.  They're big like paper towels but absorbent and reusable like sponges.  You can wash them and just let them air dry.  They help me feel more eco-friendly as I'm not sending tons of giant rolls of paper towels to the recylcling/dumpster gods.  I give them and A+. 


  1. Those truffles look delicious! And your one year of fancy dining plan sounds fun. Maybe I'll do that someday for a new year's resolution or something!

  2. I am glad to read a good review of those trader joes kitchen wipes, I always see them but I thought they might be sort of gross and need to be put in the washer all the time. I am going to give them a try now!


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