Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anniversary Trip

Guess where we went to celebrate our First Anniversary?




We spent a week celebrating out first wedding anniversary and a friends' wedding out in San Francisco.  We saved all our dollars to afford this trip.  California isn't cheap!  As you can see we also travelled to Yosemite to hike to the top of Vernal Falls.  It was so beautiful!  Since it was only early June the waterfalls hadn't dried up from glacial snow melt so it was extra pretty.  And wet. 


Here we are about half way up the big hike to the top of one of the huge waterfalls.  The path goes along the side of the waterfall where the spray is enormous.  It was literally like walking through a shower!  As we hiked higher and higher we kept seeing people coming the other way down who were drenched.  I wore a rain coat but it didn't do much good.  Good thing the top had a gorgeous view and was sunny since we dried off quickly. 


We also went to go see the giant Sequoia Trees.  They were soooo big!  This photo above doesn't even encompass the enormity of it all.  That is like half of the tree base!  These trees are estimated to be about 1,800 years old!


By random luck we got to stop by the Berkeley Farmers' Market on Saturday morning.  We took the BART to Berkeley for the wedding and got to explore the west coast local produce.  Their pineapples and avocados were so cheap!  I got a savory vegetarian crepe for lunch - all organic of course and Tony got Indian.  It was great to be a hippie there for a few hours.  We were so excited about the market we travelled straight there with all our luggage.  People probably thought we were weird.  Not as weird as some lady asking if they sold bottled water at the farmers market.  GASP!!! Heck no this is Berkeley, we don't have bottled water for sale!!  We have lemonade in corn cups but that's it.  Phewyy, glad I didn't make that mistake.




We did all the touristy stuff on our trip in San Francisco too - ride the cable cars, see Fisherman's Wharf (see the sea lions), get samples at Giradelli and see The Golden Gate Bridge etc.


We had a spare day at the end of our trip before we had to return the rental car to the airport so we on the spur of the moment (aka not planned) we decided to do something fancy.  We did have to have Mariposa townie pizza and water on our actual anniversary the night before.  What extra fancy restaurants can you think of in that neck of the woods?  Well there's The French Laundry and Chez Panisse!  We've read enough foodie books to know those two and of course The French Laundry was booked - duh!  But we were able to get a lunch spot at Chez Panisse. 

We drove 4 hours to get there and I changed into a dress on the way so I'd look decent for Alice Waters.  The food was all very lovely and fashionably foodie while being normal enough to eat.  That's the 'cafe' menu for ya - the dinner menu is a bit more adventurous for many.  No Ms. Waters was not there.  We had a menu inspired by Jamie Oliver: baked Andante Dairy goat cheese with garden lettuces, an asparagus & risotto dish and tandoori chicken.  While it was all very good and delicious (including their house filtered and sparkled (is that a word?) water) it was naturally pricey for our budget.  Chez Panisse officially ends our 1 year of fancy dining

next up: A Lean Year.  Stay tuned.


  1. looks pretty fantastic, i always wanted to see the redwoods! glad you two had a great time. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. It looks like an awesome trip! And the pictures are lovely!

  3. Awwwww! Congrats! How could you not have a great time!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! This post makes me miss the San Francisco area SO MUCH! Glad you got to see Yosemite, it's still hands down my favorite place to hike ever.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Yes anniversary dinner can be priiiiiicccey. We just celebrated ours as will and the bill was a little bit of a gulper haha! Thanks for sharing your pictures

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  6. Fun! We just celebrated our anniversary this week as well. You guys look great and it sounded like a fab time!

  7. These pictures are so pretty! Happy Anniversary! We're going to Yellowstone in a couple of weeks and I guess that is sort of for our first anniversary :)

  8. congratulations!!! we are heading out there to celebrate our first anniversary in September! can't wait to experience the height of those trees in person!

  9. I love sequios! We used to go camping when I was younger and one of my favorite places had a tree stump that they used to have dances on in the early 1900s. You know it's a big tree if you can use the stump as a dance floor!


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