Friday, June 3, 2011

Book Club 2011

This is an update of all the books I've read so far this year.  As you can see - I like to read.  True, many of these were 'read' by audiobook.  I still count that as reading.  I have a 35 minute commute to work and love listening to audiobooks while driving. 

19 Minutes – Jodi Picoult
*The China Study – T. Colin Campbell
Sarah’s Key – Tatiana de Rosnay
Lift – Kelly Corrigan
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen
Say You’re One Of Them – Uwem Akpan
At Home – Bill Bryson
A Reliable Wife – Robert Goolrick
Bikram Yoga: The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to Radiant Health and Personal Fulfillment – Bikram Choudhury
What Remains – Carole Radziwill
Medium Raw – Anthony Bourdain
The Pact – Jodi Picoult
Bossypants – Tina Fey
*A walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson
*The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

*Books yet to finish.  The last two are both almost done. 

My favorite so far this year?  At Home by Bill Bryson.  It's so very interesting in that nerdy, history buff, society, culture way.  I highly recommend it.  Least favorite?  Water for Elephants.  It was just okay.  I didn't like the fact that some guy was having an affair with a married woman and it was okay since the husband had a mental disorder and didn't deserve her anyway.  Sorry, maybe I took the wrong things out of it since everyone else seems to rave about Water for Elephants.  I'll wait till the movie comes on our Redbox to see it.

What book recommendations should I read next?


  1. HI Robin, thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment;)
    I sandet the rug with a sander tool, and I used a clear top coat I take to paint my furniture or ma paintings...
    The texture of the rug was rough at first, but now it is, like the rug was before the whole paint was on it.;)

    Lovely greetings...

  2. I loved Sarah's Key, in the sense that I haven't been able to forget about it since I read it. There's a movie version that's supposed to come out this summer, and I'm hoping to see.

    As for suggestions, I recently read Roses and loved it. Also it's been a while, although the third book in the series is coming out later this summer, bu The Tea Rose is a great book, and judging from some of the books you've read I'm sure you'd enjoy it!

  3. What if there was a pandora station for audiobooks?!?!

  4. Right now I'm reading The Help and I LOVE it. It is so good, I can hardly put it down!


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