Monday, June 27, 2011

Bookcase redo

We did a little painting this past weekend and I finally got around to uploading the photos.  I seriously don't know what I'd do without my (our) iphones.  I'm up for a contract extension (and upgrade?) soon but don't think I'll get the iphone 4.  My 3GS is perfectly fine and since Tony has the 4 with our forces combined we can do anything.  Plus if a new iPhone 5 (or 6?) comes out anytime in the next year we'll save our dollars for that perhaps.  Maybe a combined birthday present from everyone I know.  Doubt it.  I better take good care of this phone since it'll be lasting me a long time.  Good thing it takes pretty good blog worthy photos!  Anyway... onward...

The before shot.  Disregard all the mess here.  This is bedroom number 2.  See that boring orangly colored fake wood bookcase - we thought we could brighten it up.  It originally came as a floor model from Staples or something years ago. 

We peeked in the mis-tints section and found a great color of blue we liked.  Anyone ever bought paint here?  Most home improvement/Walmart stores have them.  Just a bunch of paints that people custom tinted then changed their minds or whatever.  There was a decent amount to pick from.  There is no guarantee that whats on the label is anywhere close to whats inside - besides the color dot obvi.  I mean the type of paint is up for grabs.  We think we got a gloss or semi gloss in a midnight blue - ish color.  We we not picky.  This whole gallon was cheaper than a quart of the regular stuff so it was worth it even though we needed so little.  Guess we'll be using this blue for years to come! (hmmm hope someone we know has a boy and needs paint for his nursery or we go through a blue phase)

Tony came up with a genius idea to use this old salad container.  Organic of course.  Not sure if we can recycle this anymore though.  It came in handy with the lid and all.  I'd highly recommend it.  No rolling tray though.  Gotta make do. 

We had a lot of white already so chose to do the outside white and the back blue.  It took 3 coats of each and about an afternoon into evening.  Originally we thought to tape the outside to get straight edges but that didn't work out so well.  We did it by hand.  This process worked pretty well as long as you have a steady hand and can do the edges manually.  Turns out we perhaps should have primed it with oil based primer since it was laminate - oh well.  We forgot.  Actually we should have known since we used it back here.  Ehh. 

The after!  Not the glorious pretty after shot with things put back up like after shots are suppose to look but you get the idea.  It's bright and cheery and dry just in time to re stock it before we then pack everything away to move.  


  1. I love painting the back of bookcases! It looks awesome.

  2. It looks amazing. :D Funny what a little paint can do!


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