Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy First Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Husband Tony.  Today we celebrate our very first #1 of all time wedding anniversary.  I could not be happier today and to celebrate with you Tony just the two of us together.  (wonder where we've travelled to celebrate? - check back soon!)  May this be the first of *many more celebrations to come. 


Who can believe it's been a whole year?  It seems like just yesterday we were sweating through our layers in the 95 degree heat at our ceremony.  I almost cried when I realized you were wearing all the pieces of your three piece suits.  It made me that happy.  While it wasn't a total blur like everyone said it would be I wish we could go back and relive the day.  Despite the weather it was all perfect.  It was so much fun people still talk about how much fun they had today!  We did have cornhole after all!

Now that the wedding dust has finally settled and we're (perhaps) sick of looking at an entire wall of 'us' wedding photos we are moving on to bigger and better things.  New jobs and school, a new city, new home, new friends and a new life as newlyweds +1. 


In the traditional spirit of first wedding anniversaries lets talk gifts.  Of course prior to our actual official big day we already exchanged gifts.  Tony cannot wait when he's got gifts to give.  I try my hardest to postpone until whatever big day (xmas, bdays etc) we're celebrating but eventually give in.  I really like to open gifts on the actual day but it rarely ends up that way.  I got a wedding gift from him 7 months early!  First anniversary gifts are traditionally something paper related.  What did we exchange?  I gave T a mini leather notebook he uses at the hospital for his notes (or something!?).  I figured he'd need a new one when we move.  He got me a big fun rainbow set of note cards (awesome!) and what else?  A paper shredder!!!!  Ha!  We're awesome.  End of story.

I want this printed so we are reminded of it every day; because it's true.


*At least 80 more wedding anniversaries; then we'll reevaluate our situation.
photo credits: Sam Cooper.


  1. Happy Anniversary to the both of you! :D

  2. Congrats on one year!!! I swear, year two comes around in a hot minute once you get past the first one!

  3. How fantastic!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO!!! I love hearing about couples who are so happily in love and so cute together. ^_^ May you have a wonderful, amazing, magickal, passionate marriage!!!

  4. congratulations!! beautiful photos, too :). Our 1st is next month, it is truly amazing how time flies!


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