Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Organic Shampoo Done

I've been wanting to try and switch to some more organic health and beauty products lately starting with shampoo.  Remember this and this?  I've done a fair (okay small) bit of research but still left confused where to start.  Luckily the fine folks at Eco Natural Soap started my journey off by offering some of their fabulous products.  My number one 'cantwaittotrythis' product - their Scalp & Hair Health Shampoo Bar.  
I was so excited to try these products out since they only have the highest quality ingredients and are all natural.  A family owned business they only use 100% organic ingredients.  I love this!!  Their products are so great that you're not paying for designer bottles that are 65-85% water, all you get is pure awesome soaps and shampoos.  Of course the little packaging they do have is recycled and recyclable.  I was so excited to try their stuff!

I'd never used a shampoo bar (bonus points to those who have!) and was a little nervous about how I should use it.  Should I try and create suds in my hand and transfer to my hair or rub a cube of soap on my head? 

Side story: I remember once as a small child thinking I could wash my own hair.  I squeezed a bottle of shampoo out onto my head.  Since I couldn't actually see the top of my head, I poured waaay to much thus running down my face into my eyes.  From that day on I vowed never to put shampoo on my head without seeing the quantity first.

I tried both sudzing in my hand method as well as rubbing on my scalp.  They both worked but rubbing the soap block on my head actually worked best.  You really don't need a lot since a little goes so far which is thriftably awesome.  Result?  I have to say that this product really works great!  I loved the subtle clean scent and awesome ingredients that make my hair feel soft and clean.  I love not putting tons of chemicals on my scalp and knowing that my hair and skin is being cleaned naturally. 

I did find that I need to use a conditioner after the shampoo but testimonials claim to not even need that after a while.  I'm excited to be able to use less products, save the money, have less chemicals on (and in!) me and still have good looking hair.  Thanks so much Eco Natural Soaps! 

I got a few more products of theirs such as body bar, hand balm and lip relief balm.  Yes they all rock as well!  For more info and to shop visit http://econaturalsoap.com/

*all photos taken by Tony Amato.

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  1. I've been curious about shampoo bars. What type of hair do you have? I'd be concerned to buy one of them to try, only to not like it. But the fact that you liked it so much kind of makes me want to try one now!


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