Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Remember our Get rid of 100 things list?  We're making big progress around here.  A couple weeks back we had a big spring cleaning day.  We went through our stuff and seriously purged.  It felt good to get rid of stuff we don't really need.  I personally find it so easy to be materialistic and gimme gimme gimme with things.  That includes holding onto things I haven't touched in years.  There is no need to keep that stuff around.  Especially when we've both moved a few times in the last 5 years and are moving again next month! 

We have no clue how big our new place will be or if there will be good closets or basement or attic storage space.  Best to get rid of stuff now before we are forced to make tough decisions.

The whole process wasn't easy.  I had to try hard to let somethings go and others I was ready to toss in the donate pile.  We had old clothes out of fashion, many kitchen items and random nick knacks that always passed the keep test in years past.  Now we took a good hard look at everything and decided if we needed the items or not.  It was very freeing and liberating not to be attached to junk you don't need.  We trashed some stuff that was useless and donated most of it to our local goodwill.  It will hopefully make someone happy.

See full list below of all items.  Honestly there was more we got rid of that I forgot when making the list.  And of course - as soon as we got home I found more things to donate.  More clothes, an ipod charger that doesn't work and other useless to us stuff.  Doesn't it always work that way?!
pillows, luggage, clothes

Yep - too much junk!  Where did we even put all this stuff??

I tried to save the portable CD player but Tony convinced me we'd never use it.  Probably true.  I did (only 2 years ago) use it while doing field work to listen to library audiobooks on cd.  I at least pulled the batteries out before donating it.  Lol pink stethescope - it didn't work well.
Cell phone graveyard.  I thought about keeping at least one of these babies in case one our iPhones ever died and we need an emergency back up phone or a few hours or days.  With AT&T you can simply pop the sim card out and into another phone and BAM you're in business.  Since we had no clue where the chargers were and were on a purging roll we let them all go.  Must take soon to a cell phone recycling bin - at Best Buy or Walmart?

An old coffee table that belonged to my dad during his bachelor days.  We returned it to them.
goodbye stuff.  we loved you.
that giant red bag came in handy for transportation.

1pizza board
5wine glasses
4pint glasses
1brita pitcher
1mini egg fry pan
2water bottles
3mini baking dishes
2bottle openers
1knife block
1serving dish
6 mixing bowl lids
1 too small frother cup
1tiny wisk
1pair flip flops
3toiletry bags
2toothbrush holders
1trimmer kit
1red basket
3old license plates
1radioshack cord
8candle jars
1fabric flower pin
1old DVD remote control
2ipod chargers
1pair old headphones
4photo frames
1lunch bag
DVDs sold on Amazon
1coffee table
2bar chairs
1bar stool
1broken camcorder
1old point and shoot
1tan vase
1wall hook
5cell phones
The Random
1pack of duvet grips
2cd walkmans
1giant red bag
1set of Chinese clinking balls
1Buckeyes parking sign
1giant map of the world
4wedding candy jars
3candy scoops
2candle sticks
1valentines decorative box
1dried wedding bouquet

Our total: 124 items!  Yay!


  1. It's hard to let go of some stuff, isn't it? For me, it's clothes. I've got a ton of them that I don't wear anymore. I should try what you guys did... I always feel a lot better after I spring clean and throw out things!

  2. GOOD job! im impressed. it is really hard to get rid of stuff but theres no sense in packing it up and moving it or keeping it around if you never use it. the cell phone grave yard is so sad! i think we have one or two extra in our apt too.. i should donate them. i know verizon has a program where they give them to victims of domestic abuse. check it out! xo jillian

  3. Wow, awesome! 124 less things to pack then unpack! Are you going to keep on purging belongings?

  4. Awesome! I went through my closet this weekend and put two boxes worth of stuff in our to be garage saled pile!

  5. You did great! It's really hard for me to get rid of stuff too, but we had to do a similar purging before our recent move. It was so worth it though to have less things to pack!

  6. Robin, you guys did an awesome job. We have been cleaning too over the last couple of months. We now have a garage sale pile, whatever doesn't go at the garage sale will go to Good Will. And thanks for stopping by my blog today. Hope to see you again soon. :)

  7. I just found your blog via the comments section on YHL (your name interested me!) and I had to comment once I saw you surpassed the 100 mark. First off, congrats! And second, there is a blog called You Are What You Keep and she had a thing last year for 2010 items in 2010 - now she was purging a lot of kids items and various other things, but it's definitely a goal to have! I'm trying for 2011 items this year... :)


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