Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Target brand funny phrases

Has anyone ever noticed that Target's Up & Up brand products have funny sayings on them?  Maybe I really am the only one who looks this deep into generic brand products.  Somehow this fact makes me happy.  Take a peak at some shots I've taken of random Target brand items.  At first glance they're normal.  Then wait... does that say "brushing buddy" and "make up magician"?  Yep!

No clue why I had to share this but since it's right in front of all shoppers faces but I bet not many people notice I had to share!  It's like some secret nobody knows about like hidden easter eggs in movies and video games from the 90's.  I'd loved to have been the person who came up with these!  Or even the person who thought of the idea of even having these funny sayings on their products!  Genius and a comedian.

You'll find that not all products have hidden funny phrases - mostly medicine is excluded.  Anything it seems medical or having a formula or prescription or dosage info is sans funny phrase.  The rest of their Up & Up products - go wild 'fantastic elastic'!

Search your house - what funnies can you find?  Anyone else see this before but me?!


  1. I've never noticed those either! Now I'll be on the lookout next time I go to the great bullseye in the sky. I mean, bullseye that takes all of my money.

  2. fantastic elastic! ahha i love this..xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Hilarious! I'd never noticed it... I'm gonna have to start looking around.

  4. this is too funny! there is not a target near me (boo :() so i don't have any of these. the "ooohh baby" is my favorite!

  5. I noticed it on one product a while back. It was a spray hair detangler. I didn't think much of it because it was a children's product, but I definitely thought it was funny. :-)

  6. I love that you noticed that. I frequent Target, but I never noticed it before. My facial scrub says "Good Face Day." Thanks for the funny find. Now I have to peruse the rest of them at the store.


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