Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cleaning out the fridge

Due to the impending move we're trying to eating our way through our pantry and fridge.  Yep read it here.  An easy way to make this seem like we've been more productive is go through everything and toss stuff.  I'd never throw away good food but everyone knows the stuff I'm talking about.  Ya know... those 95% empty bottles and frozen food stuffed in the way back of your freezer.  Every one's got this stuff (I think).  I found a decent amount of once good/now junk.  It's all GONE!

The bottles of salad dressings and organic raspberry preserves were empty.  Why were we still holding onto those things?!  Also mango sticky rice (which wasn't that great) and English muffins which migrated from my old apartment 1.4+ years ago had to go.  The chai latte was almost empty (and delicious, but I suspect got hydrogenated oils or something bad). 

Then I found more.  Almost empty containers of almond butter, expired yogurt, berry ice tea & tomato sauce all said hello to the trash.  Don't worry, not that 'to go cup'; I love that thing!  Also gross were TJ's spice apples (which normally are great!) that were 6 months old and (why did we buy??) cookie icing.  That stuff is probably all chemicals and sugar.  I found some molding baked beans and stale proportioned oatmeal that was the last of the food purging. 

It feels much better to get this stuff out of the house.  Now we have much less to deal with in the pantry/fridge department.  We've been busy packing and having less stuff visually is easier to process.  It can get a little stressful knowing that we'll (and 1 hired mover) will have to carry all the boxes down 3 flights of stairs.  The less the better I say.  Plus a little fridge/pantry deep cleaning is good overall. 

up next: ways to make meals out of whats left in the pantry. 


  1. I cleaned out some of our fridge when I was nervous about losing power (thanks to that crazy heat wave), but we still have quite a bit to move. Thankfully, we're only moving about 30 minutes away so I think we'll be able to transport most of it!

  2. i love cleaning out the fridge and getting rid of junky food... i know i have some pretty old pickles in there! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. I love cleaning out the fridge, it feels so great to look in and know that everything is clean and still good!

  4. Yes!!! I know we have that stuff too. ;) Yesterday Jen went to clean the cabinets and found a big thing of hot dog buns that fell in the back and were pretty much liqiuidfied. :X

    I know how refreshing cleaning out your fridge/freezer/pantry/etc. can be!!!


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