Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cleaning out the Pantry

Here is a current view of our pantry.  It's pretty full.  We have a decent amount of food for just two people.  We're spoiled with a huge pantry in our kitchen.  This is only half of it.  It goes behind the wall off to the left side of the photo a another 3 feet. 

Obviously it's smart to try and eat as much as we can of the food we've got before moving.  Instead of stocking up more groceries it's smart to use what we've got in the days, weeks, month(s)? before we set off to Richmond.  A 3 hour drive isn't conducive for hauling frozen peas - so we'll gladly eat our way through our current stock of food.  The challenge - eating all of it.  Duh.   That won't happen.  But I'll gladly try my best at making meals from what we've got.  It's gonna get creative!  I know we'll have to bring some of it with us.  We didn't buy white balsamic vinegar a few months ago only to toss it when we move out!  Crazysauce.  We're bringing the good stuff with us.  We'll pack those things in reuse able grocery bags and they can ride in our cars likely. 

You can see from the labels we've got quite a selection.  Lots of half eaten cereals boxes, emergency coffee for Tony and TONS of grains.  Tony needs his back up emergency coffee for those just in case days.  I may have him drink or (gasp) dump those before the move; it's all old.  Can coffee expire?  We seriously have so many grains.  At least three different types of rice, 4 types of pasta, quinoa, lentils, multi grain kashi like products, cous cous, 2 types of asian noodles, barley, grits, rice-a-roni and more.  We'll find ways to eat all our canned veggies and random things like water chestnuts.  Not sure why I bought canned goat milk at one point.  What to do with that... ideas?

Products like baking supplies will likely be brought with us and any snacks we don't get through.  I will try to bake as much as I can in the coming weeks!  The bottom shelf is just all our small appliances.  Mostly wedding gifts we have - bread maker, ice cream maker, food processor (fits in that whole, was being used), fondue pot, fake Le Creuset pan, big drink dispenser and a small cooler too.  Also not shown are a panini grill, George Foreman mini grill, big Kitchen Aid mixer and small hand mixer.  Phew... think we've got too much!!  These will all be packed.  Hopefully in small boxes so they're not 1000 pounds!

Other foods not shown that we have to eat before we move are fridge/freezer stuff.  We have a decent amount of frozen veggies, tons of those mini spice cubes (dorat?), too many medical grade ice packs and a too buttery batch of frozen scones.  As most fridges we have too many condiments like jellies, jams, salad dressings etc.  We'll probably bring those or toss them depending on value and amount left in the jar.  As a last thought on the morning of the big move we'll hopefully be able to donate the rest of our unused food to the food bank. 

Ideas for using the last of our food:
  • muffins from frozen blueberries
  • homemade corn muffins with canned chili
  • stuffing with ?
  • stir fry rice w/lots of frozen veggies
  • rice and beans
  • beans and rice
  • canned veggies like beets or tomatoes with grains like quinoa or grits
  • canned fruit & Bisquick cobbler. yumm!
  • (lean portions of) desserts with pudding mixes
  • Indian food w/rice & veggie burgers
  • risotto since we have arborio & broth
  • using nuts in salads, baking & lunch snacks
  • consolidating packages and throwing away stale or expired food
I've been cooking and freezing some things in portions like oatmeal and plain rice since they're more likely to get eaten that way.  If we get home and cook dinner at 8pm thawing precooked rice is a go, waiting 30 mins is not. 

I'll post some photos, recipees and adventures of eating our way through the last of our pantry!


  1. The goats milk might be good in mac n cheese! My mother in law used to make it all the time for my husband when he was little!

  2. Cooking through your pantry before a move can be challenging--good thing it looks like you're starting early. You mentioned making stir fries with the frozen veggies--i also like to throw mine in big pots of soup. Good luck!


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