Friday, July 1, 2011

Couponing Healthy

As I've been trying to get into couponing more and more these days (like a lot of people) I find it's hard to coupon and still eat healthy.  Anyone else notice this? 

I don't buy doritos, hot dogs, ice cream, Kraft salad dressings, bottled ice tea, bagged candy, diapers or detergent.  We do buy things like whole grain breads, almond milk, fresh fruit and veggies, canned tomatoes, jarred bell peppers, canned coconut milk, beans, frozen veggie burgers and natural peanut butter.  Have you ever seen a coupon for bananas?  Don't think so. 

While it ain't easy, it's not impossible to coupon healthily.  When clipping coupons in your weekend newspaper keep an eye out for things like whole grain/plus pasta, tomato sauces, organic milk, frozen vegetables, hummus & yogurt.  We eat all those things and while often they're not organic - they're at least a few steps away from being the most processed thing on your shelf.  You'll have a choice once you've clipped that coupon to either get something like high sugar, lots of artificial flavorings & colors tub of strawberry kiwi go-gurt OR the same brands' plain no sugar added yogurt.  It's still up to you. 

Online is best.  I find all my best healthy and organic coupons online.  Redplum,, and Smartsource are the best places to start.  Don't be distracted by coupons for skittles or coffee creamer (unless you're really into those things - no judgement; they're great in moderation if needed)!  Other places to look for healthy coupons - brand sites.  Earthbound Farms, Organic Valley, Morningstar, Horizon Organic Coupons, Mambo Sprouts & more.  Other brands that aren't junk that sometimes offer good coupons: Al Fresco, Egglands, Dole, Muir Glen, Smuckers, Near East, Tetley, Silk & Heinz.  You'll notice that some of these are organic.  I'm fine with semi organic when grocery shopping w/coupons.  Also don't discount places like Whole Foods just because you think they're always overpriced.  Check out this week's deals (with printable coupon links attached).  This week Honest Tea Organic Iced Teas is FREE!

There are a few methods to couponing I've noticed.  You either drive around town going to tons of stores getting the best deals and/or you buy stuff you don't need just because it's on sale with a coupon and/or you just casually coupon when it's convienent for you.  I'm pretty much in camp #3.  I will buy Whole Foods products if on sale and I'm near one.  The two closest ones are about 25 minutes away so I rarely shop there.  My best 2 methods for organic sales, coupons and shopping are Trader Joes and our local Lowes Foods.  They're both pretty close and both have a huge selection of organic products.  Of course TJ's doesn't do coupons but that's fine with me.  I find any couponing I can do is dollars saved - which is my goal.

Got any couponing healthy advice or tips?


  1. I've been Googling for coupons on healthy brands I use regularly, like Silk and Stoneyfield. Been trying to find some good ones for Morningstar and Gardein, but no luck there yet! I'll also check the other ones you suggested, thanks!

  2. It is not easy to eat healthy while couponing, but totally can be done. One of my fave methods, which is definitely NOT extreme couponing, is to search a coupon database for our favorite healthy products before I go to the store. There's almost always a coupon for almond milk. :)

    Found your great blog via your comment on mine today. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. When I was a senior in college I worked at a grocery store, and because I was always aware of price fluctuations, I did AWESOME at couponing. Unfortunately I ate a lot of junk too. I'm like you though - if I find a coupon, I'll use it but at this point I value the quality and source of my food more than whether its on sale or has a coupon. I like this post a lot though - I'll have to check out some more brand sites and see what I find! =)

  4. I was just telling Bo the same thing!

  5. This is a wonderfully helpful post, as I'm in a similar situation! Most coupons, food or otherwise, don't apply to me. I'm going to check out your list of sites! Thank you!

  6. Great post! I haven't couponed much for this exact reason. I'm going to check out these links and hopefully find some deals!


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