Monday, July 18, 2011

Eno Festival

Every year Durham has it's Festival for the Eno aka the 'Eno Festival'.  Despite living here for a few years this was our first time attending the party.  We had so much fun attending last weekend.  Here are some highlights.  

I tried my hand at playing violin.  This was a child's size version but none the less it was very challenging.  All I managed was a few awful squeaks.  Playing violin was also a lifetime dream of Tony's.  Epic fail. This dream was realized, and will never be revisited (to everyone's eardrum's relief).  He did get to play the banjo though, which was much more enjoyable for all parties involved.  The play with the instruments section was amusing.  

There were some cool lizard exhibits with some rare as well as local creatures. This little guy is a spotted salamander (who spotted him first?), and happened to be the mascot for this year's festival.

This little guy's name is Hedwig Otis.  He is a rescued screech owl that got hit by a car. He looked surprised to see us. 

One of Tony's coworker's husband even had a display set up, where he was selling his metalworks (see them here!).  We also picked up some locally made Neem Oil shave soap & badgerhair brush for T, but more on that in a future post.  Go ENO!

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  1. So awesome! Love the salamander and owl, but than again, I am a total animal lover. :D

    I've ALWAYS wanted to try playing either a fiddle or banjo. So I loved what you guys tried!

    FUN event!


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