Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Nervous

July Big Move Update!

We haven't moved yet.  I hope you're thinking that I'm thinking that it's already the 2nd week in July.  I am, don't worry.  I know the days and months have slipped away and now it's officially 'very close'.  Not to be too specific but we really need to get a place to live, and me a job, like yesterday. 

I needed to get a job like yesterday.  Technically no, I'm still employed and have my current job a little longer.  I do need to secure a job very soon though.  Anyone know of people hiring in Richmond??  Let me know!  I hope something good will come soon.  Fingers crossed!

We need to get a place to live.  Duh.  Once our current lease expires and we pack up to move it'd be great to actually have a place to move into and ya know, unpack.  This has been proving a challenge.  Remember I did all this research here and here?  Thankfully we did this or else we'd be completely clueless right now.  We've been using for most of our searching.  Issue is that we've been mostly contacting private renters or small leasing companies and timing is key.  We've been planning single day trips up to Richmond.  Its about 3 hours away and do-able for a single day round trip.  Long but do-able.  

Problem is either I call about an apartment too early and have no assurance it won't be rented to someone else in a few days... OR I call too late and they can't arrange a showing on the single day we'll be in town.  Arrrg.  Frustrating!  Thank goodness for gmail, google docs & google maps.  Seriously, we couldn't keep them all straight without them. 

Frustrating point #2 - money.  mo money mo problems right?  Um... what about no money?!  Most rental places want a proof of income and/or credit check to approve you to move in.  This is standard.  Thing is, we won't have proofs of incomes.  We're both quitting our jobs soon.  Now, student loans will suffice (I've learned) but what if they haven't been processed yet?  It's getting nervous realizing that with me without a job yet we may run into problems renting a place. 

There are plenty of options our there for apartments but we may have to just be less picky than we'd like in order to both see place & get approved while still liking it enough to live in for a year or 2.  Oh the joys of moving!  We'll be so happy once we get settled in finally!  pheww. 

Got any advice on how you moved to a new place/in grad school/found an apartment/got approved for a lease?


  1. Sigh. I know how terribly hard/frustrating/tiring/irritating this can be. We were SO in this dilemma a few months ago. It was like we couldn't get a place to live without a job (because you have to prove income), but we couldn't really get a job without a place to live. We just happened to find some weird telemarketing job on craigslist (which we hated) but it was sufficient income, so our apartment complex approved our income and allowed us to live here. And then, shortly after we got in the apartment we quit and got a different, more normal job. Ha.

    Anyways... good luck! It is so refreshing when all of it is over!

  2. I had a similar problem when we moved from New York to California. We had no jobs, no money. Not so attractive to renters.

    Also, I moved out first to find a place alone. Some renters wouldn't even accept signatures faxed from my fiance. Everything had to be done in person. So frustrating. We eventually found a place that would accept what we could give them and we were good to go. It was a bit more than we would have liked to pay but at least we had a place to lay our heads.

    I'd try talking directly to your potential landlords. If folks get to know you, they may believe you are trust worthy without the pay stubs. It's the rental companies who can be harder to work it.

    What about bank statements. Sometimes they will accept them.

    Good Luck!

  3. dont worry, you will find a awesome place and a great job, everything will be great. U have a lovely blog


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